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With funding from Dow Chemical Company, the teaching labs on the second floor of Latimer Hall have been completely revamped. Photo by Michael Barnes.

College of Chemistry News & Highlights

X-ray absorption spectra

Making a good thing better
(LBNL News)
Richard Saykally and fellow Berkeley Lab Researchers open a possible avenue to better electrolyte for lithium ion batteries.

Mathies, Keasling, Doudna

College of Chemistry innovators named fellows of National Academy of Inventors
(UC Berkeley News)
Three UC Berkeley faculty members whose innovations have launched new startups and whole new areas of research have been named fellows of the National Academy of Inventors. The new fellows — biochemist Jennifer Doudna, chemical engineer Jay Keasling and chemist Richard Mathies — were among 170 new fellows announced.


Alivisatos awarded as Commander of the Order of Honor
(Hellenic News of America)
In a special ceremony at the Embassy of Greece in Washington, D.C., Professor A. Paul Alivisatos was awarded with the Commander of the Order of Honor by the Hellenic Republic for his contribution to science.

Do Carrots Help You See Better?
Chemist Chad Jones, host of the Collapsed Wavefunction podcast, cracks the carrot case wide open.

electrons attached to atoms

Scientists measure speedy electrons in silicon
(UC Berkeley News)
Stephen Leone along with an international team of physicists and chemists based at UC Berkeley have taken snapshots of electron transition in silicon using attosecond pulses of soft X-ray light lasting only a few billionths of a billionth of a second.

Denham Harman

Denham Harman, 98, has died
(UNMC Newsroom)
College of Chemistry alumnus Denham Harman, who developed the free radical theory of aging, has died at age 98.


Yang develops nanowire technique for low-cost scalable water splitting
Chemistry professor Peidong Yang has created a mesh of nanowires that uses sunlight and water to produce hydrogen gas.

SWAPPS (Standing Wave Ambient Pressure Photoelectron Spectroscopy)

A better look at the chemistry of interfaces
(LBNL News)
New X-ray spectroscopy technique at Berkeley Lab’s Advanced Light Source for the study of heterogeneous interfaces.

Chris Chang

Copper on the brain at rest
(LBNL News)
Berkeley Lab reports proper copper levels essential to spontaneous neural activity.

Jennifer Doudna (center) with colleague Emmanuelle Charpentier (left), newly named recipients of the 2015 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences. (Photo courtesy of Breakthrough Prize)

Jennifer Doudna, Saul Perlmutter named 2015 Breakthrough Prize winners
(UC Berkeley News)
Two UC Berkeley scientists — structural biologist Jennifer Doudna and physicist Saul Perlmutter — were named 2015 Breakthrough Prize winners in life sciences and physics, respectively, at a star-studded gala in Silicon Valley yesterday (Sunday, Nov. 9).

General Purpose Laboratory

DOE Secretary helps usher in new era of energy research at Berkeley Lab
(LBNL News)
A new building will be the home to lab’s energy storage efforts.

Aindrila Mukhopadhyay (left) and Heather Jensen were part of a JBEI team that identified microbial genes which can improve both the tolerance and the production of biogasoline in engineered strains of E. coli. (Photo by Roy Kaltschmidt)

Boosting Biogasoline Production in Microbes
(LBNL News)
Joint BioEnergy Institute Researchers combine systems biology with genetic engineering to improve production of isopentenol in E.Coli.

Schematic of the electrochemical cell

Berkeley Lab study reveals molecular structure of water at gold electrodes
(LBNL News)
Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have observed the molecular structure of liquid water at a gold surface under different charging conditions.

Richard Saykally

New insights on carbonic acid in water
(LBNL News)
Berkeley Lab study holds implications for geological and biological processes.

Ann E. Pitzer

Ann Pitzer, friend of the college (1936-2014)
(College of Chemistry)
Ann E. Pitzer (M.S. ’60, HomeEc), a trustee of the Pitzer Family Foundation, died of cancer on October 15 at the age of 77. She lived in La Jolla and Kelseyville, CA.

Joseph Cerny

Cerny honored with Faculty Service Award
(Berkeley Academic Senate)
The Berkeley Academic Senate has awarded chemistry emeritus professor Joseph Cerny and professor Margaretta Lovell the Berkeley Faculty Service Award for 2014.

Que Family Advising Center ribbon cutting ceremony

College inaugurates Que Family Undergraduate Advising Center
(College of Chemistry)
On Thursday, Oct. 9, College of Chemistry Dean Douglas Clark inaugurated the Que Family Undergraduate Advising Center. The center consists of four advising offices and a well lit modern commons area where students can read, relax and hold study sessions.

Judith Klinman

Judith Klinman one of three UC Berkeley faculty members awarded National Medal of Science
(UC Berkeley News)
Three University of California, Berkeley, faculty members were selected by President Barack Obama to receive the National Medal of Science, the nation’s highest honor for a scientist.

Keith Alexander and PDP students

PDP enrolls largest class to date
(College of Chemistry)
This fall, 30 students will start CBE’s Product Development Program, the largest class in the eight-year history of the program.

Shannon Ciston

CBE lecturer Ciston nominated to attend NAE symposium
(College of Chemistry)
CBE lecturer Shannon Ciston has been selected to attend the NAE's Frontiers of Engineering Education Symposium.

Heino Nitsche

Heino Nitsche 1949-2014
(College of Chemistry News)
Chemistry professor Heino Nitsche died unexpectedly and peacefully in his sleep at his home in Oakland early in the morning of Tuesday, July 15. He was 64 years old.

Catalyst Magazine available online
(Catalyst Magazine)
Read the latest issue of Catalyst Magazine online, or check out our new flipbook version below.

eCHEM 1A, Mark Kubinec

Innovative Chemistry 1A video repository is online!
(UC Berkeley College of Chemistry)
Chemistry 1A course content is now available free of charge in an easy-to-navigate, open-access video repository. The content was developed by professor Alex Pines and instructor Mark Kubinec, with the support of the Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation.