Our mission is to provide high-performance computer graphics and computing resources for research and educational uses in chemistry. The Facility houses graphics workstations, a 576 core compute server, color printers, a poster printer, and other assorted equipment. Details of our hardware, software and support are at the facility webpage.

Molecular Graphics and Computation Facility
Website: http://glab.cchem.berkeley.edu/
175 Tan Hall

Dr. Kathleen Durkin, Facility Director
177 Tan Hall
Contact via email is preferred: durkin (at) berkeley (dot) edu

Dr. Olayinka Olatunji-Ojo, Facility Postdoctoral Fellow
175 Tan Hall
Email: yinkaojo (at) berkeley (dot) edu

Poster Printing

The Molecular Graphics and Computation Facility is available for poster printing. For detailed information on how to prepare your files and get your posters printed, visit the poster information page of the Molecular Graphics and Computation Facility website.