Summer Minor in Responsible Process Implementation

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Launch is postponed to summer 2023.

About the Program

The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering in the College of Chemistry is offering students an exciting opportunity to gain more preparation for successful professional careers in industry. The emphasis of the five-course, 15-unit program provided over two six-week summer sessions is to introduce students to the following fundamental concepts.

  • How a technology professional can effectively and ethically perform in a business environment.
  • How to utilize various quantitative process improvement techniques.
  • The role that Green Chemistry plays in industry.
  • The environmental impacts of chemical processes on workers, consumers and society.

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Interactive Experience

The program includes team-based projects to enable students to learn how to solve real-life industrial process engineering problems using cases from industry partners. The emphasis of the program is to integrate fundamental business and technology concepts to enhance each student's effectiveness in their subsequent professional careers.

Students who have successfully completed the program will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to work in a team environment
  2. Communicate effectively with peers and colleagues from different disciplines
  3. Perform economic analyses in support of project proposals
  4. Understand ethical and socially responsible approaches when making business and professional decisions
  5. Apply basic quantitative and analytical techniques to aid process improvement
  6. Apply Green Chemistry principles in making technical decisions
  7. Develop basic environmental, health and safety plans that are applicable to the chemical industry environment
  8. Assess and manage impacts from chemical processes to the worker and the environment
  9. Demonstrate the ability to solve real-life process engineering problems

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Required Courses


Chemical Business Fundamentals (4 Units)
Prerequisite for Chemical Business Fundamentals II and New Process Implementation

Greener Solutions: A Safer Design Partnership (3 Units)


Chemical Business Fundamentals II (4 units)

New Process Implementation: Concept to Commercialization (3 Units)

Ethics and Social Responsibility (1 unit)