Materials Chemistry

2021 Priestley Medalist A. Paul Alivisatos helped introduce the world to the nanocrystal

April 14, 2021

Paul Alivisatos

2021 Priestley Medalist A. Paul Alivisatos helped introduce the world to the nanocrystal. Photo Gabriela Hasbun for C&EN.

Some scientists make discoveries that trigger a tidal wave of research. Some inspire so many others to join their scientific endeavor that a new field of research is born....

Bediako and Zuerch awarded grant to research control of 2D magnetic solids with ultrafast light waves

February 15, 2021

Kwabena Bediako and Michael Zuerch

Kwabena Bediako and Michael Zuerch in the lab.

The College of Chemistry is pleased to announce that Assistant Professors of Chemistry Kwabena Bediako and Michael Zuerch...

T. Don Tilley named inaugural PMP Tech Chancellor's Chair in Chemistry

November 4, 2020

T. Don TilleyThanks to a generous donation from Rubber and Joy Chen of PMP Tech, an international company based in Taiwan, Professor of Chemistry and Faculty Senior Scientist at Berkeley Lab, T. Don Tilley has been announced as the inaugural PMP Tech Chancellor’s Chair in Chemistry.

PMP Tech was founded in 1978 in Taiwan...

Blue diode illustrates limitations, promise of perovskite semiconductors

January 24, 2020

Halide perovskite crystal that emits blue light. Courtesy Peidong Yang.

University of California, Berkeley, scientists have created a blue light-emitting diode (LED) from a trendy new semiconductor material, halide perovskite, overcoming a major barrier to employing these cheap, easy-to-make materials in electronic devices.