Shruteek Mairal

Job title: 
Peer Adviser, Volunteer Tutor

Major: Chemical Engineering
Year: Junior

Hello! I'm Shruteek and I'm a junior Chemical Engineer with an EECS minor from Fremont here in the Bay. I love almost everything about chemistry and engineering but I'm also working on computational genomics-related coding at the Pickering Lab cause CS is super fun too. I'm super into tabletop stuff, especially D&D and board games; ask me about em and I WILL talk endlessly!

You can contact Shruteek specifically about:
Research/lab groups
Managing your time
Enjoying academic life
Anything about computer science
Tabletop games (e.g. D&D, board games, etc.)!!
Catch all: anything else!

Research Interests:
Currently working in computational biology but am also trying to explore other areas! Not super experienced with research.