Kinsey Long

Job title: 
COCSP Chem Scholars Educational Lead

Chem Scholars Educational Lead: 120A

Major: ​Chemical Biology, Computational Chemistry Concentration

Minors: Data Science + Bioengineering

Year: ​Senior

Kinsey is a senior Chemical Biology major from Hong Kong minoring in Data Science and Bioengineering. She is an undergraduate researcher in the Francis Lab, which studies bioconjugation reactions using the enzyme tyrosinase. She is also working in the LBNL Joint Genome Institute under Igor Grigoriev to study structure-based function prediction of fungal gene clusters. Kinsey is really passionate about teaching and is also involved in leading Data 8 sections and tutoring underprivileged local high school students. In her free time, she enjoys running, cooking and taking care of her many houseplants.

Research interests: 

Biocatalysis, computational biology and bioinformatics