Ariel Wang

Job title: 
COCSP Lead Chem Scholars Educational Lead

Lead- Chem Scholars Educational Lead
​Chemical Biology
Year: ​Senior

From Arcadia, California, Ariel is a senior studying Chemical Biology. She is currently a part of the Xu lab where she researches and creates nature inspired materials for applications such as plastic degradation and metal binding. Ariel is also a member of the Dueber lab and is currently developing a genetic toolbox for the methylotrophic yeast O. Polymorpha. Outside of class, Ariel is an officer for the Berkeley chapter of American Chemical Society and is involved with Alpha Chi Sigma, the professional chemistry fraternity on campus. One thing that Ariel loves about Chemistry is that there is always more to discover. In her free time Ariel loves to find and test out new food recipes.

Research interests: 

Member of the ​Ting Xu Lab and John Dueber Lab