Anoohya Panidapu

Job title: 
Peer Adviser

Major: Chemistry

Year: Senior

Hi, I’m Anoohya! I’m a senior majoring in Chemistry with minors in Bioengineering and Global Public Health. I transferred to Berkeley in Fall 2020 from De Anza College. I’m involved on campus through GBO and the CoC Transfer Student Mentorship Program and am also an undergraduate researcher in the Nomura Lab. In my free time, I love to cook and bake (almost exclusively cookies), and because I live in a co-op, I sometimes help cook meals for over 100 people! I also love watching crime-comedy-drama type shows like Psych and am somewhat addicted to YA dystopian movies. I’d love to chat about anything ranging from class advice to a new favorite song, and look forward to supporting you :)!

You can contact Anoohya specifically about:

  • Navigating CoC/Berkeley as a transfer student

  • Figuring out what areas of research interest you

  • Finding and navigating research opportunities/groups

  • Getting involved on campus

  • Minors

Research interests: 

Nomura Lab