ChemX Talks

ChemX Talks


Short talks by our star faculty and alumni on their latest research, discoveries, and innovations.

Ted Hou

ChemX Conference 2019 | Ted Hou: Opportunities and Challenges for STEM Startups

Dawn Shaughnessy

ChemX Conference 2019 | Dawn Shaunnessy

Matt Francis

ChemX Conference | Matt Francis: Using Chemical Biology to Develop Clean Water Technologies

Shannon Ciston

ChemX Conference | Dr. Shannon Ciston: Teaching Engineering Ethics With Our Stories

Jeff Reimer

ChemX Conference 2019 | Jeff Reimer: Climate Change: The Verdict is In

Omar Yaghi

ChemX Conference 2019 | Omar Yaghi: Innovative Materials to Address Water Stress and Climate Change

Markita Landry

ChemX Conference | Markita del Carpio Landry: Measuring Neurochemistry for Better Mental Health

Martin Mulvihill

ChemX Conference | Dr. Martin Mulvihill: Chemistry Innovation for a Safer and Healthier world