Master of Molecular Science and Software Engineering

Students on the UC Berkeley campus

Developing the next generation of scientific leaders

The Master of Molecular Science and Software Engineering (MSSE) is an online professional degree offered by the College of Chemistry in collaboration with the College of Engineering. The MSSE program is taught by the same top faculty as the UC Berkeley resident graduate programs.

Why the MSSE Program?

Standing at the intersection of computational science, data science, management, and software engineering, MSSE is a unique program that provides critical thinkers with the practical skills needed to develop sophisticated computational models to solve large-scale challenges. Our degree provides the formal preparation in basic computational science practices, from algorithms to software to hardware that is usually missing from the undergraduate or graduate curriculum. Our program integrates numerical approaches to solving complex problems with software best practices to enable students to become effective scientific and engineering leaders. Our students graduate with the abilities to translate highly sophisticated theory, models, algorithms, and data analytics into software frameworks that others can use or build upon. View the MSSE Curriculum.

MSSE provides:

  • Computational tools to comfortably work within a range of scientific domains, including molecular simulation, quantum chemistry, materials science, and machine learning.
  • Software engineering practices to develop software frameworks that others can use or build upon.
  • Statistical and machine learning tools to develop sophisticated analytics models for the interpretation and integration of large, complex datasets.
  • Leadership, management, and entrepreneurial skills with an ethics focus.
  • Practical skills through capstone projects based on real-life, multidisciplinary applications.


Annual program tuition and fees will be approximately $32,340 regardless of residency. This rate does not include student fees such as student services fee,
Berkeley Campus fee, transit fee, and health insurance fee, which amount to around $5,000. Estimates do not include costs of living. Actual tuition, fees, and charges are subject to change by the Regents of the University of California. Accordingly, final approved levels (and thus a student's final balance due) may differ from the amount shown. 

Students gathered around a laptop
Students on the UC Berkeley campus