Frequently Asked Questions - Chemistry Grad FAQ

Graduate studies in Chemistry

FAQ's for prospective chemistry graduate students:

What GPA is required for admission?

The minimum grade point average required for admission is 3.0.

Are there minimum scores required for the GRE?

No minimum scores are required. The Chemistry Subject GRE is optional, but highly recommended.

How Important Is Undergraduate Research In Evaluating An Application?

Undergraduate research is a decisive factor in admission. It reflects the applicant's depth of interest in chemistry, potential for commitment to a doctoral program, and potential scientific creativity.

What Financial Aid Is Available To Graduate Students?

All students admitted to our graduate program receive a stipend for the duration of study in the form of teaching and research assistantships as long as they are in residence and demonstrate good progress toward the degree. Most funds for this support derive from research contracts and grants.

My Application Is Not Completed By The Application Deadline, Will I Still Be Eligible For Fellowships?

Your application must be complete, including letters of recommendation, transcripts and test scores, by the application deadline to be eligible.

How Many Applicants Are Offered Admission Each Year?

The numbers vary, but the department usually receives about 700 applications each year. The number of applicants offered admission depends on the admission allotments determined annually by the Graduate Division. Each year the department receives far more qualified applicants than can be admitted.

Does The Department Offer A Master Of Science (Ms) Degree?

The department only admits students for the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree. Students normally complete the Ph.D. program in four to six years.

How Many International Students Are Admitted Each Year?

Due to funding considerations only a few of the most outstanding international students can be admitted each year. However, we are firmly committed to the continued admission of exceptionally qualified international students

Can The Toefl Requirement Be Waived?

Yes, the TOEFL requirement can be waived if you have completed at least one year of full-time academic course work with grades of B or better in residence at a U.S. university at the time of application

Can I Be Admitted To Start In The Spring Semester?

No, we admit our students to begin their studies in the fall semester only.