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2021 Program Brochure (English)
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SYIP Students

" All things (were) excellent and fantastic...

...l wish l can return here next year" (student comment)

SYIP students in lab

Berkeley campus at night

"I choose strongly agree...

...for all questions" related to the quality of the program (student comment)

Professor Richmond Sarpong with SYIP students

SYIP students

SYIP 2018 Members

SYIP 2018 Members at LBNL's Cyclotron Building

SYIP 2018 Members at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

SYIP 2018 Members

SYIP 2018 Members

UC Berkeley Campanile

Remote Coaching and Laboratory Internship

9-Month Remote Coaching
October 2020 through June 2021

Selected students will be matched to a laboratory that fits their interests as well as the laboratory's needs and preferences based upon the student's demonstrated qualifications and maturity. Each student will be paired with a mentor from the laboratory who will communicate with the student once or twice per month remotely through email and/or live chat. The student and mentor will work together to determine the best method and frequency for communicating. The objective of the remote coaching will be to provide the student with continuous learning, as well as an understanding and familiarity with the laboratory's research and more advanced scientific concepts in preparation for the 4-week onsite experience.

4-week On-Site Internship
July 11 to August 7, 2021

During the 4-week experience on the historic UC Berkeley campus, students will spend the majority of the time in the assigned faculty research group. The student will attend group meetings, research seminars, assist with data analysis and simple, nonhazardous procedures under the supervision of his/ her mentor. The student will get an in-depth view into concept development, methods design, decision making, scientific processes, and inner workings of world-renowned laboratories that develop advanced technologies and solutions to society's issues.

At the conclusion of their internship, the students will present their findings to their peers and mentors. Students who successfully complete the full 10-month program will be provided a completion certificate by the Dean of the College and may receive a reference letter from their mentor based on the student's performance.

SYIP students

Below are some examples of presentations from former students:

Presentations by Shirley Deng and Bella Liu

SYIP presentation by Shirley Deng and Bella Liu

SYIP Lab introduction

SYIP 2018 Group Photo at LBNL's Cyclotron Building

SYIP 2018 Group Photo

SYIP 2018 Group Photo at Golden Gate Bridge

SYIP 2018 Members