GOLD Science Fair Faculty

Brought to you by the #1 ranked chemistry program in the world. The GOLD Science Fair is administered and delivered by the College of Chemistry at UC Berkeley and is taught by its own globally ranked faculty and graduate students.

Professor John Arnold


Green Chemistry, Materials, Polymers, & Nanoscience, Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry

Professor Arnold’s research is on synthetic inorganic chemistry with the primary goal of making, puri­fying, and studying molecules and materials that are interesting by virtue of their unusual structures and chemical reactivity.

Professor Stephen Leone


Physical Chemistry, Chemical Dynamics and Nanostructured Materials

Professor Leone’s research interests include ultrafast laser investigations and soft x-ray probing of valence and core levels, attosecond physics and chemistry, state-resolved collision processes and kinetics investigations, nanoparticle fluorescence intermittency, aerosol chemistry and dynamics, probing with near field optical microscopy, and neutrals imaging.

Professor Ron Cohen


Atmospheric Chemistry

Professor Cohen’s research focuses on developing and applying new experimental and modeling strategies for understanding the chemical composition of the Earth’s atmosphere now and in the past and for predicting future changes. Current research focuses on the role of nitrogen oxides and on the isotopes of water.

Professor Dan Nomura


Chemical Biology, Analytical Chemistry

The Nomura Research Group is focused on developing and applying chemical proteomic and me­tabolomic platforms to identify and pharmacologically target metabolic drivers of human disease.

Professor David Graves


Plasma Processing, Electronic Materials

Professor Grave’s group focuses on the fundamentals and applications of weakly to partially ionized gases, or plasmas, to technological problems, primarily in the microelectronics industry.

Professor Peidong Yang


Materials Chemistry, Solid State Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry

Professor Yang’s lab utilizes low-dimensional nanoscopic building blocks to assemble complex archi­tectures with novel chemical and physical properties.