GOLD Science Fair

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The GOLD Science Fair is not being offered in 2024. Please check back again later for info on our next session.

About the Program

The GOLD© Science Fair is a program that pairs a high school student with a graduate student mentor who remotely coaches them for eight months on a research project of the student's choosing.

The student completes the project at home or at school and receives guidance from their mentor on average two hours per month through email, videoconferencing, or other remote methods. The mentor guides the student on their topic concept, formulated hypothesis, suggested methodology, results observation, data analysis, and conclusion.The student then spends two weeks at UC Berkeley in February to shadow their mentor in the laboratory and to prepare the presentation of their science project to be displayed and judged by College of Chemistry faculty and students.

The GOLD© Science Fair teaches young scientists the theory and application of research methodology, to work independently, think critically, communicate more effectively, and present with poise and maturity.

Innovative and Unique

Brought to you by the #1 ranked chemistry program in the world. The GOLD Science Fair is administered and delivered by the College of Chemistry at UC Berkeley and is taught by its own globally ranked faculty and graduate students.

Immersive Experience

Provides invaluable insight into the life of a scientist. The program introduces students to the commitment and dedication required to become a scientist. Students learn skills such as perseverance, adaptability, resourcefulness, and patience when conducting their experiments. Onsite, they are immersed in continuous learning through weekly seminars and laboratory shadowing.

Hands-on Science

Gain scientific knowledge and understanding beyond theory. Students learn hands-on the scientific method and how to apply theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom when conducting their experiments.