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Due to COVID-19, B-CRAM will regrettably be postponing its 2020 program to the following summer. Please consider applying to our 2021 program, which is now accepting applications.

Our Program

Berkeley Chemistry Research, Academics, and Mentoring (B-CRAM) Program is a unique 2-week experience designed for the motivated high school student entering grades 9th through 12th who is passionate about the chemical sciences and wishes to gain an excellent understanding of what college-level academics and life will be like. Students will experience intense immersion in each of the following areas over the two weeks.


You will step into the actual laboratories that conduct the cutting-edge and award-winning research the College of Chemistry is famous for. You will get a unique insider’s view by shadowing and learning from graduate students and faculty while they complete their daily activities of developing research methods, thinking through scientific problems, and innovating solutions that advance society. You will moreover, get a better understanding of the attributes required to be a successful scientist.


You will be taught the same inorganic chemistry that all science and engineering majors at UC Berkeley are required to take and by the same professors! Topics include Octet Rule and Chemical Bonds, Free Energy, Equilibrium and Acid Base Chemistry. One-half or 8-weeks of the regular semester’s course will be provided over the two weeks, which will provide you unparalleled and excellent preparation for doing well in AP Chemistry or college-level chemistry. You will also experience cutting-edge teaching: each class is based on an interactive, instant feedback model. Lectures are integrated with lab time where you will conduct planned experiments in our undergraduate laboratories.


Undergraduate UC Berkeley student advisers are an integral part of the program. They will be living and eating with you in the dormitories, coordinating your social and group activities, providing guidance about the college admission process, sharing what it means to be a Berkeley student, and providing tutoring.

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