Undergraduate Student Campaign

Undergraduate Student Campaign

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How to give with Venmo mobile app

  • To give via Venmo find the account @lobears (Laurent de Janvry, Assistant Dean of the College of Chemistry)
  • Include in description: full name, email and major in the transaction

Venmo @Lobears

2020 Student Philanthropy Council

  • Raina Kasera
  • Jesus Aguilar
  • Gregory Maineri
  • Ariel Wang
  • Julia Greenbaum
  • Daniel Gonzalez
  • Declan Mahaffey-Dowd
  • Whitney Zhao
  • Yoochan Shin


To help the students of the future!

Thirty years ago, the state provided roughly 50% of Berkeley's funding...now it's funds a mere 14%. Thus, most of the resources in the College of Chemistry were made possible by donors – not by the state of California.

  • Peer Tutoring Program >  costs around $200/day to run
  • Chem Scholars Program > costs around $200/day to run
  • Chemistry Library > costs around $357/hour to run

If we didn't rely on private support, the above programs would not exist!

How you can help

Your gift – no matter how large or small* – can support these programs + more!

*minimum gift is $10 if giving by credit card.

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