Non-Senate Academics Toolkit

I. Non-Senate Job Titles and Salary Tables

  1. Non-Senate Academic Classification Guidelines for Research Titles (DOC)
  2. Academic Salary Scale (WEBLINK)

II. Contracts and Policies

  1. Postdoctoral Scholars (UAW 5810-PX) (WEBLINK)
  2. Specialists (APM 330) (PDF)
  3. Project Scientists (APM 311) (PDF)
  4. Professional Researchers (APM 310) (PDF)
  5. Academic Coordinators (APM 375) (PDF)
  6. Visiting Professors/ Project Scientists/ Visiting Researchers (APM 230) (PDF)
  7. Lecturers (UC-AFT – IX) (WEBLINK)
  8. Recall for Academic Appointees (APM 205) (PDF)

III. College and University Forms and Checksheets

  1. Postdoc Appointment/Action Request Form (WEBLINK)
    1. New Hire Checklist for Postdoctoral Scholars (PDF)
    2. Postdoc Annual Written Evaluation Form – required if reappointment requested (PDF)
    3. Postdoc Salary Scale (PDF)
  2. Specialist Appointment/Action Request Form (WEBLINK)
    1. Search Waiver Checklist (PDF)
    2. Search Waiver Reasons (PDF)
    3. Specialists Salary Scale (PDF)
  3. Project Scientist Appointment/Action Request Form (WEBLINK)
  4. Professional Researcher Appointment/Action Request Form (WEBLINK)
  5. Lecturer Appointment/Action Request Form (WEBLINK)
  6. Wire Transfer Form (DOC)
  7. 2011 Patent Acknowledgement Form (PDF)
  8. Visiting Scholars and Student Researchers Request Form (WEBLINK)
    1. New VS/VSR Checklist (PDF)
    2. CoC VS Stipend Payment Process (PDF)
    3. VS Stipend Request Form (PDF)
  9. Full Search Request Form (PDF)

IV. Letter Templates — formal Offer and Appointment Letters are generated by the Dean's Office

  1. Invitation letter for a postdoc (DOC)
  2. Invitation letter for a visiting scholar (DOC)
  3. Invitation letter for a visiting graduate student researcher (DOC)
  4. Invitation letter for a visiting undergraduate student researcher (DOC)

V. Visas - HR processes J-1 visas only. Please consult with the Berkeley International Office with questions about other visa types.

  1. Process Overview (PDF)
  2. English Proficiency Verification Interview Template (DOC)
  3. Fees (WEBLINK)

VI. Training Tools

    1. Brown Bag Topic: Visiting Scholars and Visiting Student Researchers (PDF)
    2. Brown Bag Topic: Postdoctoral Scholars (PDF)
    3. Brown Bag Topic: Specialists (PDF)

VII. Miscellaneous

  1. Visiting Scholars and Postdoctoral Affairs program (VSPA) (WEBLINK)
    1. VSPA Annual Fee Payment information (WEBLINK)
  2. Affiliating an LBL postdoc or lab employee to the campus (WEBLINK)
  3. Office of Faculty Equity (OFE) – For questions regarding academic searches (WEBLINK)
  4. Academic Personnel Office (APO) – For questions regarding academic actions (WEBLINK)
  5. Berkeley International Office (BIO) – For questions regarding visas (WEBLINK)
  6. Requesting exceptional PI status (WEBLINK)