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News 2015

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Feb 26
John Hartwig Hartwig receives ACS Gibbs Award (College of Chemistry)
Feb 24
Sloan Foundation logo CoC faculty, alums win Sloan Research Fellowships (College of Chemistry)
Feb 09
Balsara New battery startup promises safe lithium batteries (LBNL News)
Feb 06
Radke Radke elected to NAE (College of Chemistry)
Feb 04
Doudna and Mayr Launch of new genomics initiative draws enthusiastic industry, academic partners (UC Berkeley News)
Feb 03
Omar Yaghi Yaghi wins Faisal Prize for Science (College of Chemistry)
Jan 27
Charles Townes Nobel laureate and laser inventor Charles Townes dies at 99 (UC Berkeley News)
Jan 23
Doudna Doudna at Davos (Huffington Post)
Jan 22
Whaley Whaley and Volkoff establish quantum speed limit (NSF)
Jan 20
Radke Radke wins UW chemE award (College of Chemistry News)
Jan 16
Kristin Stangl Stangl earns CAP award (College of Chemistry News)
Jan 16
plutonium410 Solving an Organic Semiconductor Mystery (LBNL News)
Jan 15
plutonium410 Historic plutonium sample traced to Seaborg, Manhattan Project (UC Berkeley News)
Jan 15
Paul Alivisatos Catalyst Magazine flipbook online now (College of Chemistry)
Jan 15
Paul Alivisatos The Future of Nanoscience: Three Kavli Nanoscience Institute Directors forecast the field’s future (The Kavli Foundation)
Jan 12
Felix Fischer From the bottom up: manipulating nanoribbons at the molecular level (LBNL News)
Jan 08
Paul Alivisatos From the lab to your digital device, quantum dots have made quantum leaps (LBNL News)
Jan 01
Ron Cohen Bay Area pollution tracker gets national recognition (