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News 2014

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Dec 16 Mathies, Keasling, Doudna

College of Chemistry innovators named fellows of National Academy of Inventors (UC Berkeley News)
Dec 14 Alivisatos Alivisatos awarded as Commander of the Order of Honor (Hellenic News of America)
Dec 12 electrons attached to atoms Scientists measure speedy electrons in silicon (UC Berkeley News)
Dec 09 Denham Harman Denham Harman, 98, has died (UNMC Newsroom)
Dec 03 leaf Yang develops nanowire technique for low-cost scalable water splitting (ScienceDaily)
Nov 26 Chris Chang Copper on the brain at rest (LBNL News)
Nov 10 Jennifer Doudna Jennifer Doudna, Saul Perlmutter named 2015 Breakthrough Prize winners (UC Berkeley News)
Oct 22 Richard Saykally New insights on carbonic acid in water (LBNL News)
Oct 21 Ann E. Pitzer Ann Pitzer, friend of the college (1936-2014) (College of Chemistry)
Oct 15 Joseph Cerny Cerny honored with Faculty Service Award (Berkeley Academic Senate)
Oct 14 Que Center Ribbon Cutting College inaugurates Que Family Undergraduate Advising Center (College of Chemistry)
Oct 08 Karen Wong Chemistry Achievement Prize winner named (College of Chemistry)
Oct 07 Nobel medal The 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry (ACS/Imgur)
Oct 03 Judith Klinman Judith Klinman one of three UC Berkeley faculty members awarded National Medal of Science (UC Berkeley News)
Sep 25 Peidong Yang On the road to artificial photosynthesis (LBNL News)
Sep 24 Carolyn Bertozzi New ACS journal names Bertozzi its founding editor (College of Chemistry)
Sep 19 Marty Mulivihill BCGC wins two major grants (College of Chemistry)
Sep 11 Judith Klinman Thriving, not just surviving, in science (QB3)
Sep 09 cartoon of scientist by Leif Parsons U.S. science suffering from booms and busts in funding (NPR)
Sep 03 Keith Alexander and PDP students PDP enrolls largest class to date (College of Chemistry News)
Sep 02 Extremophiles thriving in thermal springs Going to extremes for enzymes (
Aug 28 Shannon Ciston CBE lecturer Ciston nominated to attend NAE symposium (College of Chemistry News)
Aug 28 Robert E. Connick Robert E. Connick (1917-2014) (College of Chemistry News)
Aug 28 UCB seal Chemistry grad student wins NSF fellowship to work on BEACON project (YouTube)
Aug 22 Ron Cohen Berkeley air-monitoring project wins White House nod (UC Berkeley News)
Aug 20 Sally Pusede Air quality in San Joaquin Valley improving (LBNL News)
Aug 19 earth's magnetic fields NMR using earth’s magnetic field (LBNL News)
Aug 18 bionic liquids
Bionic liquids from lignin (LBNL News)
Aug 15 ARWU logo Berkeley Chemistry ranked #1 in the world by ARWU (
Aug 15 Jay Keasling with kids in Africa Semisynthetic artemisinin anti-malarials reach African children (College of Chemistry)
Aug 15 Chris Chang Of Metal Heads and Imaging (LBNL News)
Aug 13 David E. Wemmer Wemmer takes the reins as new chair of chemistry department (College of Chemistry)
Jul 28 Long and Xiao Cagey material acts as alcohol factory (LBNL News)
Jul 22 Judith Klinman Klinman wins Mildred Cohn Award (College of Chemistry)
Jul 21 Jay Keasling On Capitol Hill, Keasling calls for ‘national initiative’ to boost bioengineering (UC Berkeley News Center)
Jul 17 Heino Nitsche Heino Nitsche has died (College of Chemistry)
Jul 14 John Hartwig Hartwig wins Janssen Pharmaceutica Prize for Creativity in Organic Synthesis (College of Chemistry)
Jul 14 Catalyst Magazine Catalyst magazine available online (Catalyst Magazine)
Jul 11 Douglas Clark Clark wins James E. Bailey Award (College of Chemistry)
Jul 10 Flexlab Department of Energy’s FLEXLAB opens testbeds to drive dramatic increase in building efficiency (LBNL News)
Jul 10 Roy Washington Chemistry Achievement Prize winner named (College of Chemistry)
Jul 09 Jeffrey Reimer Reimer receives Humboldt Research Award (College of Chemistry)
Jul 07 Gabor Somorjai Somorjai wins the 2015 Nichols Award (College of Chemistry)
Jul 03 Jay Groves New discovery in living cell signaling (LBNL News)
Jun 26 Doudna A CRISPR way to fix faulty genes (NPR)
Jun 24 Doudna Jennifer Doudna shares Janssen Award for Biomedical Research (PR Newswire)
Jun 17 UCB Seal Dean's Honor List Spring 2014 (College of Chemistry)
Jun 17 Nicholas Lewis, Graham Fleming and Tom Oliver Dynamic spectroscopy duo (LBNL News)
Jun 10 Vikram Bajaj and Alex Pines Producing hyperpolarized xenon gas on a microfluidic chip (LBNL News)
Jun 09 Ting Xu Berkeley Lab researchers create nanoparticle thin films that self-assemble in one minute. (LBNL News)
Jun 06 close-up of platinum/cobalt bimetallic nanoparticle catalyst Evolution of a bimetallic nanocatalyst (LBNL News)
Jun 03 tobacco plant Tobacco gets a makeover as new source for biofuel (KQED Quest)
Jun 02 Jeff Long MOF A new chemical recipe raises prospect of inexpensive fuel (Scientific American)
Jun 02 Jeff Long Long receives the France-Berkeley Fund Award (College of Chemistry News)
Jun 30 Paul Alivisatos Paul Alivisatos: Berkeley Lab director navigates uncertain times with a focus on research (
May 29 Calculated atomic structure of a 5nm diameter nanocrystal passivated with oleate and hydroxyl ligands. Unexpected water explains surface chemistry of nanocrystals (LBNL News)
May 28 Alex Katz Katz mimics nature to improve synthetic catalysts (College of Chemistry News)
May 27 Evan Williams Williams wins Royal Society of Chemistry Award (College of Chemistry News)
May 27 ACS logo Chemistry postdocs win ACS awards (ACS)
May 22 Christopher Chang Berkeley trio shortlisted for prestigious early-career Blavatnik Awards (UC Berkeley News Center)
May 22 Douglas S. Clark Clark leads 2014 College of Chemistry commencement ceremonies (College of Chemistry)
May 22 Carolyn Bertozzi College of Chemistry commencement address: Bertozzi pinch-hits for Fox (College of Chemistry)
May 15 Heino Nitsche Superheavy chemistry, one atom at a time (LBNL News)
May 15 kids Study finds hazardous flame retardants in preschool, child care settings (UC Berkeley News)
May 15 jian pottery Berkeley Lab researchers help discover rare form of iron oxide in ancient Chinese pottery (LBNL News)
May 13 Cryoelectron microscopy reconstruction of the Phi 29 capsid (gray), connector (cyan), pRNA (magenta), and ATPase ring (blue). All in the rotation (LBNL News)
May 12 Google doodle Dorothy Hodgkin: The only British woman to win a Nobel science prize gets a doodle (The Guardian)
May 07 Douglas Clark Clark perfects liver toxicity test chip (College of Chemistry)
May 02 plasmonic nanocrystals Probing dopant distribution (LBNL News)
May 02 Robert Bergman Bergman wins Welch Award (College of Chemistry)
Apr 28 Jeffrey Reimer Capturing Carbon at CoC (MRS-TV/YouTube)
Apr 28 Jennifer Doudna Berkeley discovery named one of year’s 10 key breakthrough technologies (MIT Technology Review)
Apr 28 PCMO crystals A glassy look for manganites (LBNL News)
Apr 21 Jay Groves Berkeley Lab researchers demonstrate first size-based chromatography technique for the study of living cells (LBNL News)
Apr 14 FLEXLAB tour Berkeley Lab launches building energy performance research project at new FLEXLAB testing facility (LBNL News)
Apr 14 IPCC Working Group III's Fifth Assessment Report Berkeley Lab scientists see urgent need for reducing emissions (LBNL News)
Apr 07 BOB logo What about BOB? (LBNL News)
Apr 03 CARA ribbon cutting ceremony CoC launches research hub with BASF, UCLA and Stanford (College of Chemistry News)
Apr 03 Thompson triplets Identical triplets take different paths in chemistry careers (C&EN News)
Mar 19 Graham Fleming New ideas and technology spreading from campus faster than ever (UC Berkeley News)
Mar 18 Jennifer Doudna CRISPR goes global (Berkeley Research)
Mar 07 photocathode for bionic leaves that produce energy-dense fuels Promising news for solar fuels from Berkeley Lab researchers at JCAP (LBNL News)
Mar 04 Scanning electron microscopy image of bacterial cells (blue) suspended from the mushroom-shaped nanostructure's overhangs. (Credit: Mofrad lab and the Nanomechanics Research Institute) First look at how individual staphylococcus cells adhere to nanostructures could lead to new ways to thwart infections (LBNL News)
Mar 03 cobalt oxide Berkeley Lab researchers identify key intermediate steps in artificial photosynthesis reactions (LBNL News)
Feb 27 close up of map of Amazon A new species in the Amazon rain forest — scientists (UC Berkeley News)
Feb 27 Peidong Yang Big step for next-generation fuel cells and electrolyzers (LBNL News)
Feb 27 Heino Nitsche Nitsche wins Hevesy Medal (College of Chemistry News)
Feb 27 close up of detectors by Roy Kaltschmidt Art in Science: A Berkeley perspective (UC Berkeley News)
Feb 26 Benjamin Boussert Call for applications Benjamin Boussert 2014 Memorial Award (College of Chemistry News)
Feb 25 Jennifer Doudna Jennifer Doudna receives Lurie Award for gene editing breakthrough (FNIH)
Feb 21 Inrared microspectroscopy Tracking catalytic reactions in microreactors(LBNL News)
Feb 19 BCGC website BCGC hosts green building conference (BCGC)
Feb 18 Berkeley PPE logo Free lab coats to be distributed at Memorial Stadium next week (UC Berkeley News)
Feb 13 Sidney Hill Sidney Hill: Physical sciences need minority students’ talents (UC Berkeley News)
Feb 13 NSF logo Berkeley leads new NSF-funded alliance to diversify postdoc, faculty ranks (UC Berkeley News)
Feb 12 Felix Fischer “Ballistic transport”– it sounds like a blast into the future (Berkeley Research)
Feb 11 Steve Yannone, Sylvain Costes and Jonathan Tang Berkeley Lab startup wants to know how damaged your DNA is (LBNL News)
Feb 11 William L. Jolly William L. Jolly, emeritus professor: 1927-2014 (College of Chemistry News)
Feb 07 Doudna and Nogales New insight into an emerging genome-editing tool (LBNL News)
Jan 29 Short DNA sequences known as “PAM” Puzzling question in bacterial immune system answered (LBNL News)
Jan 17 UC Berkeley seal Dean's honor list posted (College of Chemistry News)
Jan 17 twitter logo College of Chemistry starts Twitter newsfeed (College of Chemistry News)
Jan 13 Balsara and Harry Roots of the lithium battery problem (LBNL News)
Jan 08 Jennifer Doudna Science magazine hails Berkeley's 2013 breakthroughs (UC Berkeley News)