We gratefully acknowledge the many individuals, foundations, and corporations that contributed to the College of Chemistry between July 1, 2015, and June 30, 2016. To view our donor rolls, please visit the links below.

Sources and Designations of Gifts and Pledges

Source of pledges and giftsdesignation of gifts and pledges

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Cumulative Giving

The following individuals are recognized for their cumulative giving to the College through June 30, 2016.

California Benefactors ($1,000,000 and above)

Many thanks to the following donors:

Anonymous (3)
Norbert C. Brady Estate
Nirmal and Ellen L. Chatterjee
Yu-How Chen 
Irmgard Chu and the late T.Z. Chu
Aldo DeBenedictis Estate
Edna Stephens Hall Estate
Melvin J. Heger-Horst Trust
Gene S. Howe and the late Hubbard C. Howe
Gunawan Jusuf
Ross and Irma McCollum Trust
Jean Mosher Pitzer Estate
Pitzer Family Foundation
Terry J. and Victoria C. Rosen
Warren G. Schlinger and the late Katharine S. Schlinger
Ann E. Shiffler Estate
Keong Choon Tan
David H. and Lieselotte K. Templeton Estate
James R. and Neeltje J. Tretter

Blue and Gold Society ($500,000 TO $999,999)

Many thanks to the following donors:

Anonymous (2)
He Tung Chen
Warren E. Clifford and Audrey A. Green
Gus D. Dorough
Henry F. Frahm Estate
David Gee and Caryn Lum
Charlotte M. Johnson and the late M. Ross Johnson
Lillian Lessler and the late Richard M. Lessler
Louisa Ling and the late Tony Ling
Reid T. Milner Trust
Joon and Zaiga Moon
Elizabeth B. Polansky Estate
John Stauffer Charitable Trust
Beatrice Thomas Estate
Robert Tsao
Marie W. Woodward Estate

1868 Society ($100,000 to $499,999)

Many thanks to the following donors:

Anonymous (5)
Mary Arnett
Usman Atmadjaja
Paul A. Bartlett and Yumi Nakagawa
Leo A. Berti Estate
Bud Blue Estate
Todd A. Blumenkopf Estate
Larry and Diane Bock
Sunney I. and Irene Chan
Heng Tiu Chng
Fannie L. Chong and the late Antonio T. Chong
Chester W. Clark Estate
Robin D. Clark and Mary Mackiernan
James O. Clayton Estate
Ronald L. and Rosemary Clendenen
Robert E. Connick Estate
Joyce E. Davis Estate
Thomas De Jonghe and the late Martha De Jonghe
Frank G. Delfino
Laura J. and Thomas J. Dietsche
Richard P. Dodge
Dean and Becky Draemel
Sam H. Eletr
Naji O. Fansah Estate
Bruce A. Firestone and Ann Yamashiro-Cutner
William and Janet Gerhardt
Suhargo Gondokusumo
Regina Anderson Gould and G. Douglas Gould Estate
Cheri R. Hadley
John E. and Jean Hearst
Clayton H. Heathcock
Darleane C. and Marvin M. Hoffman
Yasuko Ikeda and the late Robert M. Ikeda
Stephen T. Isaacs and Kathryn Macbride
Nissen A. and Kathe L. Jaffe
Mary Ella Johnston and the late Harold S. Johnston
David G. Karraker Estate
David E. and Patricia M. Kepler
Ed S. Kim
Yo Kian Kiong
Joseph L. and Helen C. Koo
Daniel E. Koshland Jr. Estate
Dorothy K. and Joseph M. Kunkel Estate
Sheng Peng Lee Estate
Annie L. Li Estate
Sioe L. Liem Estate
David and Diana Lieu
Wesley and Elizabeth Lindsay Estate
Catherine and Ray Long Estate
Bruce H. Mahan Estate
Alan C. and Agnés B. Mendelson
James A. Musich Estate
Albert and Shanna S. Narath
Robert N. Noyce Estate
S. M. "Jack" Olsen Estate
William C. and Nancy L. Orr Estate
Amy and J. Robert  Orton
Marjorie Pape Crandall Pearce
Richard and Helen Phillips
Jonathan S. Powell Estate
Arnold Quan
Beverly J. Quan
Christine C. and Stephen M. Quan
Janice C. Quan
Mochtar Riady
Milton H. and Ethel M. Ritchie
Eugene Roberts Estate
Constance M. Ruben
Ann Hollins Sadler
Mary Ann D. Saegebarth and the late Klaus A. Saegebarth
James A. Sanford
Chester Sausaman Estate
Norman W. Schlinger
Patricia M. Schreter
Jonathan L. Sessler
William H. Shiffler Estate
Ronald E. and Lauren Silva
Louise M. Simone
Ella Jane and John R. Skinner Estate
Charles E. and Dorothy H. Stehr
Henry K. Tom
James Y. Tong
James A. Trainham and Linda D. Waters
Mary Dee Vermeulen Estate
Francis T. and Julia L. Wang
Doris H. Welles Estate
Eka Tjipta Widjaja
Charles R. Wilke Estate
Eugene T. C. Wu
Robert D. Zimmerman

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Annual Giving

The following individuals are recognized for their giving to the College during the 2015-16 fiscal year.

Lewis Associates ($50,0000 and above)

Many thanks to the following donors:

Anonymous (2)
Craig P. Baskin
Nirmal and Ellen L. Chatterjee
Warren E. Clifford and Audrey A. Green
Robert E. Connick Estate
Bruce A. Firestone and Ann Yamashiro-Cutner
David Gee and Caryn Lum
John E. and Jean Hearst
David E. and Patricia M. Kepler
Sung-Hou and Rosalind Kim
Alan C. and Agnes B. Mendelson
Amy and J. Robert  Orton
Pitzer Family Foundation
Terry J. and Victoria C. Rosen
Norman W. Schlinger
Warren G. Schlinger and the late Katharine S. Schlinger
Ronald E. and Lauren Silva
Ella Jane Skinner and the late John R. Skinner
Walter A. Stark Jr.
James Y. Tong
Francis T. and Julia L. Wang

Latimer Associates ($10,000 to $49,999)

Many thanks to the following donors:

Paul A. Bartlett and Yumi Nakagawa
William H. Calkins
Irmgard Chu and the late T.Z. Chu
Robin D. Clark and Mary Mackiernan
Ronald L. and Rosemary Clendenen
Lisa A. and Brian C. Davis
Thomas De Jonghe and the late Martha De Jonghe
Jennifer A. Doudna and Jamie H. Doudna Cate
Dean and Becky Draemel
Dwight A. Fine
William and Janet Gerhardt
Clayton H. Heathcock
Herbert H. and Leila A. Hooper
Ya-Wen Hsueh and Tsai-Wang Chang
Richard W. Hyman
Ed S. Kim
Donald M. Leslie Estate
Lillian Lessler and the late Richard M. Lessler
David and Diana Lieu
Irene R. and Gary M. Masada
Vivian Nagy
Sunil A. Patel
Richard K. and Nancy P. Robbins
Georgieanna L. and Richard Scheuerman
Charles and Heather Shank
Tonny and Fay Soesanto
David L. and Linda L. Ullman
Kathleen Welsh and William Plautz
Keith R. Westcott
Ellie Y. Yieh and Michael J. Sullivan

Giaque Associates ($5,000 to $9,999)

Many thanks to the following donors:

Stuart B. and Sarah Adler
Samuel D. Bader and Patricia R. McMillen
Edwin D. and Suzanne Becker
Robert and Wendy Bergman
Norman A. Bonner
Christian and Anne Boussert
Alan J. and Madeline A. Brattesani
Robert S. and Jacqueline K. Crowder
William A. Daniels
Laura J. and Thomas J. Dietsche
David A. Dows and Wena Waldner Dows
Pete Dragovich and Pei-Pei Kung
Theodore H. and Frances K. Geballe
Maninderpal Grewal and William X. Halloran Jr.
Deborah and Richard Gunther
Victor H. and Edna Gunther
Andrew and Sandra Kaldor
William A. and Leslie A. Kleschick
Sang-Hoon Lee
Virginia and Frank Lew
Timothy L. and Roberta Montgomery
C. Bradley and Penny Moore
Albert and Shanna S. Narath
Anthony and Noel O'Keefe
William R. and Joan Parrish
Garry I. Parton and Paul H. Epstein
Richard and Helen Phillips
Alexander and Ditsa Pines
David I. Rabuka and Jocelyn S. Sperling
R. Andrew Ramelmeier
Virginia and William Schultz
Steven Sciamanna and Sandy Roadcap
Anne Friend Thacher and Anson B. Thacher
Dwight N. and Elizabeth K. Tozer
Ronald J. Whittier and Ellen C. Fingerhut Whittier
Frank X. and Katherine Woolard
Stephen T. Worland and Joanne Chory
Sachio Yamamoto

Seaborg Associates ($2,500 to $4,999)

Many thanks to the following donors:

Anonymous (2)
Kenneth and Felicia Aron
Patricia H. and William A. Blanton
Timothy M. and Valerie S. Bruemmer
John B. and Yasuko Bush
Diana P. and Eric B. Haas
John F. Heil
Paul H. and Toko M. Kasai
Kiyoshi and Irene Katsumoto
Chung Pai and San Oak Kim
Kevin A. and Bree L. Klotter
LaRoc and Linda Kovar
Chris Lee and Scott Shaffer
Nelson and Yanhong Lin
Jane L. and Michael J. MacDonald
James and Leray McFarland
Herbert H. and Drusilla Nelson
Daniel M. and Ellen B. Neumark
Joan F. and Richard A. Newmark
Rodney M. and Jeanne V. Panos
Llad Phillips
Norman E. and Paula Phillips
Darwin R. and Donna C. Poulos
Robert G. Reynolds
Stephen A. and Risa Rodemeyer
Eric W. Saegebarth
Kevan M. Shokat and Deborah Kamali
Sher G. Singh
Clinton D. and Sharon Snyder
Charles E. and Dorothy H. Stehr
Kong Heong Tan and Margaret Lai-Hung Shiu
Jack F. Thomas
Lester T. Toy
James A. Trainham and Linda D. Waters
George K. and Stephanie D. Tyson
James P. Vokac and Stacey T. Baba
Stephanie K. W. Wang and Raymond C. Chiu
Mark M. Wegner and Mary J. Korn
Willard M. and Gail Welch
Nolan L. Yee
Sheila W. and Francis Yeh

Wilke associates ($1,000 to $2,499)

Many thanks to the following donors:

John H. and Mimi Abeles
Juana V. and Andreas Acrivos
Phillip A. Armstrong
John Arnold and Jennifer Shaw
Richard and Catherine M. Behrens
Richard J. Bellows and Marilyn Schwartz
M. Robert Blum
William E. and Clara W. Bondinell
Linda J. Bovard
Richard Brodzinsky and Jacquelyn Anne Bazley
Marilee K.M. Brooks
David S. and Donna M. Brown
Michael J. and Barbara C. Buckley
David C. Castagnola
David C.K. and Anne W. Chan
Michelle L. and Jeffrey Chang
Andrew Y. Cheng
Cheng T. Cheng
Shannon I. Chi and Zachary K. Sweeney
Fannie L. Chong
Francine Chow
Michael J. Cima and Elisabetta Cortesi
Douglas S. and Molly Clark
Michael W. and Joanna B. Clark
Nancy L. Clark and the late J. Peter Clark
John W. Collette
Theodore W. Craig
Matthew A. Del Bonta
Rochelle C. and Robert M. Dreyfuss
David Drubin and Georjana Barnes
Ernest R. and Roberta Ehnisz
John G. and Carol H. Ekerdt
Aaron S. Eppler and Gloria Acerboni
Robert Ettinger
Steven and Terri Fantazia
Nicholas A. and Thelma L. Fedrick
George A. and Mary Frances Fisk
Michael E. and Mary K. Flaugh
William E. Fogle and Marilyn Wun-Fogle
Howard L. and Mina M. Fong
Bruce M. and Edna D. Foreman
Philip and Kathryn Friedel
John W. Geber
Man K. and Grace Go
Wataru and Tuyet Goishi
Marina B. Goldfeld
Angela C. and Dean M. Gordon
Charles A. and Karen L. Goss
Rupa and Deepak Gupta
Usman Habib
David R. and Lucia L. Hansen
Teresa and Martin Head-Gordon
Scott J. Hecker and Gail C. Brady
David and Pamela Hemker
Jessie J. Herr
Frank Hershkowitz and Lorraine C. Staples
Duane Heyman
Dale C. and Dennis O. Hirotsu
Robert P. Hohmann
Eleanor M. Holland
Stephen M. and Margaret M. Holton
David M. Huang
Judy C. Huang and Ken A. Nishimura
John Hunt and Barbara Brizzee
David A. and Helen Hutchinson
Yasuko Ikeda and the late Robert M. Ikeda
Mark J. and Alice H. Isaacson
Harry Jagadpramana
David W. Jentz
Karen K. Jernstedt and Anthony J. Barkovich
Kaj Johnson
Karen W. and David R. Johnson
Evalee Jones
Judith A. Erickson
Ronald J. Kall
Max J. Kalm
Jack and Myrna Kelly
Isaac Khalil
C. Judson and Jeanne King
Fred B. and Marcia A. Kirby
Jack F. and Birthe K. Kirsch
Ernest J. and Anne J. Kirschke
James A. and Annearle M. Klein
P. G. Kosky
John M. Krochta and Margaret Krochta Bartosek
Frederick W. and Cynthia M. Lam
Julian I. and Julia S. Landau
Silvanus S. and Kwai Ling Lau
Margaret Lee Guo and Alexander Guo
Peter W. and Reiko N. Lee
Yuan Tseh and Bernice Lee
Howard K. H. Leung and Ellen W. Y. Liou
Marc E. and Tsun-Tsun T. Levin
Mark T. Lewellyn
David A. and Renne K. Lightner
Edward M. and Faithe T. and Edward M. Liu
Chi-Chang and Margaret Lu
Ka Lum
Richard W. and Myra C. Lynch
Scott Lynn
Christine J. and Ron P. MacDonald
Bruce H. Mahan Estate
Jon L. Maienschein and Lisa K. Cline
Michael A. Marletta and Margaret E. Gutowski
Thomas A. Massaro
Eugene D. and Miranda T. McCarthy
Michael J. McCormick and Kimberley A. Robinson
Robert C. McIntosh
Peter M. and Gerda McKinney
Thomas J. and Barbara F. Meyers
Marcia A. Middleton
Susan Miller and Walter H. Moos
Michael J. and Maria L. Miller
Ichiro and Yoshie Mori
Louie A. and Karen L. Nady
Mary Ann Nash and the late John B. Nash
Richard D. and Bonnie Newman
Thomas W. Newton
Allen Ng and Sharon Mar
Yu S. and Lily T. Ng
Kent E. Opheim and Anne M. Lynn
Terry M. and Anthony J. Palmere
James S. Papanu
Ann C. and Joseph H. Pease
Winfield B. and Linda S. Perry
Michelle Pflueger
David B. and Alice Phillips
Jeanne R. Pimentel
Jacob J. Plattner
Annette L. and Franklin J. Rahn
Jeffrey A. and Karen B. Reimer
Joe W. Rosenthal
Richard R. Rosin
Constance M. Ruben
Wayne E. Sackett
Bill Schriver
Gary P. Schwartz
Arnold J. and Janice E. Seidule
Daniel and Ximena Sessler
Maneshchandra J. Shah
Priya S. Shah and Arun Palakurthy
Rita Shamban
Susan T. Sharfstein and Joseph J. Shiang
Hugh C. and Aletha A. Silcox
The late Henry B. Sinclair
Joseph P. Smith and Jean B. Ruggles
Laura A. Smoliar and Mark Arbore
Gary A. Smook and Hilda Wiebe
Mercedes Reberiego Snider
Michael J. Solomon and Ellen C. Lee
Gabor A. and Judith K. Somorjai
Drew V. Speer
Bruce E. and Susan J. Stangeland
Andrew Streitwieser and Joyce C. Hessel
Xingcai Su and Kun Peng
Jack D. and Barbara L. Swanburg
Rex and Linda A. Tam
Curtis M. Tong
Ronald K. and Marilyn B. Tuttle
Ravindra S. and Aruna R. Upadhye
Alejandro Valdes Curiel
Michael G. Valentine
Tina F. Vargas and Robert J. Stefan
Christine Villaluz
Megan E. and William C. Vining
Min-Chi Von Trentini
Timothy P. Walker and Catherine Robinson-Walker
Alexander and Susan Wang
Xuejun Wang
David E. and Joanne T. Wemmer
Gregory T. and Marjorie S. Went
Robert S. Wilhelm and Sun Hee Lee
Roger G. and Molly W. Williams
Gar Lok and Julia Y.P. Woo
Shan J. Yeh
Ji Zhu and Wei Zhao

Calvin club ($500-$999)

Many thanks to the following donors:

Anonymous (3)
Frances H. Abramson
Carlo G. and Barbara S. Alesandrini
Gregory R. and Kristin S. Andersen
Robert A. and Nancy H. Antonoplis
Charles E. Auerbach
Burke and Carole G. Baker
Susan F. Barquist
Christina Bartlett
Alexis T. and Tatiana Bell
Clayton G. Berling
Christopher J. Beverung
Yashodhan Bhawe
Marie T. Borin and Michael D. Burdick
Leo D. and Paulette C. Brown
Gina M. Buccellato and Michael D. Supina
James D. and Barbara A. Burke
Wayne M. Camirand
S. Kumar and Uma Chandrasekaran
William B. Chapman, Jr. and Judy A. Chapman
Seng H. Cheong
Justin Y. Chien
Daniel Chinn
Yong-Hwee Chua
Ronald N. and Carol A. Clazie
David Cohen and Shelli Bodnar
Matthew S. and Kathryn K. Croughan
Richard C. and Janet L. Cummings
Christopher and Mary Dateo
Clifford J. and Sonia R. De Cuir
Ronald L. and Karen Sue Dickenson
Gunther H. Dieckmann and Linda C. Slider
Walter and Eleanor Dong
Rodney J. and Arden D. Dougan
Arthur K. Dunlop Estate
William E. and Ruth T. Dunn
Charles A. Emrich
Stephen R. Engleman
Louise M. Engleman
Steven B. Falcone
J. Leonard and Joan I. Fick
Arlene S. and Roger S. Flores
George M. Fohlen
Stanley W. Fong
Janet L. and Leif G. Fredin
Shun C. and Juliana S.Y. Fung
Frank P. Gay
Michael B. Gentzler and Jennifer Cox
Arnold L. and Elaine B. Grossberg
Lara Avery Gundel and Peter Liederman
Andrew A. and Alice L. Guzelian
Robert W. Hand and Marianne Lynch
Robert N. and Annette Hanson
T. Norman Hardy
Marlin D. and Nancy M. Harmony
Mark and Laura Henderson
Richard and Annabelle Honnell
David C. Hovde
Lixuan Huang and Erik Gommeren
James and Patricia Huntzicker
June Ikeda
Ronald J. Jensen and Judy A. Osterndorff
Anita Jindal and Radhakrishna Aditham
Yoshie Kimura
Te P. and Lydia C. King
Tracy A. and Paul A. Klein
Janell K. Kobayashi
Peter E. Koszalka
Kenneth W. Kraus
Deanne C. Krenz
Camey K. Ku
Bart Larrenaga
David D. and Elizabeth Laws
Richard G. and Anne B. Lawton
Stephen R. Leone and Mary K. Gilles
Alan and Ellen Levy
Koei-Liang Liauw
Karl A. and Jane Littau
Eddy C. Louie
Francis J. Lovas
John Lutian
Mary M. Mader and Jerome L. Debrosse
Andrew P. and Kimberly K. Marcus
Kevin P. McAlea
James A. and Catharine P. McHugh
Jessica Ryan McKinley and Sean R. McKinley
David W. Moreland
Stephen A. and Barbara H. Munk
Wendy Ng and Zhengjie Hu
Kenneth Tuan-Kiet Ngo and Eileen Ngo
David A. O'Brien
Stephen V. ONeil
Henry C. and Mary E. Padgett
Edward J. and Deborah L. Palkot
Punit J. and Anuradha Pandya
Rudolph and Louise Pariser
Jinhee Park
Rutton H. Patel
Davis D. Perez
Tanya and Steve Perez
John S. and Cheryl P. Petersen
Sundiep K. and Vivek M. Phanse
David Plouffe and Olivia Morgan
Justin V. and Sandra J. Plouffe
Jennifer L. Polse
Dian A. Prayogo
Roland and Virginia Quong
Clayton J. Radke
Sandra A. Rehling
Philip D. Reilly and Judith A. Hasko
Helen E. and Elmer J. Reist
Mindy Rex and John Dischinger
Mark Roebuck and Ching-Yuan Hsing
Paul A. Roethle
Thomas G. Rucker
Richmond Sarpong and Nicole Stefanelli
Robert C. Scarrow and Hilary Barrett
Erik Scher
Frederic T. Selleck
John L. and Christina A. Shafer
Stephen and Lila Shain
Namkyu and Heejeong Shin
Linda J. Skory and Michael R. Travis
John A. Smegal
James H. and Mary P. Smith
Gerald and Marilyn Smolinsky
Randall Q. Snurr and Liese A. Dallbauman
Jeffrey P. Solar and Rosalyn R. Furukawa
Thomas M. Stachelek
Mary L. Stanley and James M. White
David F. Starks
Frank S. Stephens
Kenneth M. Straub and Sydell Lewis
Frederick J. and Ann Strieter
Sugihiko Tada
The Tellers Family
John F. and Patricia D. Thompson
Gary J. Tong
Thomas B. and Karen K. Vickroy
Carol K. Wada 
Deane Stefan Walker and Virginia M. Monge
Sophie X. Wang and H. "Ted" Hou
Karen M. Webster
Phillip A. Wilmarth and Janis Shampay
Bradford T. Windsor
Joshua S. Wittenberg
A-Young M. and Robert W. Woody
Fonda Wu and Sandy Shu-yu Chang
Shu Chuan Wu and Liming Tsau
Katsumi and Elby G. Yamamoto
Pui Yuk Yan
Jing Ye and Aiping Luan
Albert Yee and Jie Yu
Anissa W. and Gary K. Yeung
Jane Yieh
Robert Zahler
Jack Zakarian
Liang C. Zhu

Tobias club ($250-$499)

Many thanks to the following donors:

Anonymous (2)
Norman Ackerman and Hannah Pascal
Raul E. Acosta and Selma Gluck-Acosta
Irshad and Fauzia Ahmad
Scott J. Ahn
Saeed K. Alzghari
Don W. and Elizabeth Y. Arnold
Hugh D. Barnett
Bruce N. and Miriam B. Bastian
Carolyn C. and Russell H. Batt
John G. and Zuzana Bauman
Henry J. Bechtel
Stacey F. Bent and Bruce M. Clemens
Dawn M. Bernardi
Thomas S. Bischof
Paul D. and Sharon L. Bisio
Gregory S. Blackman and Leslie E. John
Philip J. and Pauline J. Bonasia
Sharon K. and John I. Brauman
David N. Brossard and Sally Beck
Edward P. Bruggemann and  Susan Madorsky
Barbara L. and James H. Bryan
Frederick L. and Janet A. Burnett
Oral Caglar
Ronald M. and Lee A. Carn
Michael F. and Christine H. Carolan
Michelle Claffey and Stephane Caron
Emily A. Carter and Bruce E. Koel
Bill and Crystal Casteel
John W. Cave and Sarah Loomis Cave
Allan R. and Mary Ann Champion
Zhiyuh Chang
Cecil C. and Virginia E. Chappelow
Alice Chen Rico and Rudolph J. Rico
Shirley L. and Allen K. Chew
Grant Y. and Lurline P. Chin
JoAnn Cola
Anthony M. and Angela M. Contreras
Hal and Carol Cooper
Harold and Judy Cota
Thomas D. and Marilyn L. Coughlen
Daniel A. Cowart
John E. and Lori A. Crider
Bostick U. Curry
Tom C. and Elizabeth S. Dao
Jed E. Davidow and Marnie Harker
Anna V. Davis and Jeff Bond
Howard E. and Patricia Davis
Marri Derby and John Barton
Douglas A. Devens and Jennifer Raeder-Devens
John R. Dorgan and Laura O. Hollingsworth
Jay and Dora Downey
Lawrence H. and Ellen K. Dubois
Douglas R. Edwards and Michelle Guilette
Mark R. Etzel and Regina M. Murphy
Stephen N. and Julia L. Falling
Edward C. Fan
Erika and Richard Feller
Kenneth G. Felton
Judith A. Fink and Robert Munyon
Randall A. and Joyce E. Fischback
Maria E. Forsuelo
George and Cindy Fosselius
Matthew B. Francis and Catherine You
Sabrina S. Fu and Philip J. Rous
Alvin S. and Karen C. Fuse
Bruce C. and Suzanne M. Garrett
Hubert A. Gasteiger
Kevin R. Geurts and Angela R. Smith
Peter P. Giannousis
Kathy Graff
Gail L. Gray
Joseph M. Greendorfer
Laura J. and Gary A. Greenfield
George E. Grossmann
Paul H. Gusciora and Maia McGehee
Gordon T. and Amy N. Hamachi
Everette and Gabriela Harris
David J. Hart
Bin He and Xiaohui Zhou
Aileen Ho and Michael Hsu
Huong T. Ho
Jason Y. Ho
Pauline Ho and Richard Buss
Donna I. and Elvin L. Hoel
David Holtz
Leonard W. and Dorothea M. Hom
Limin and Yeah M. Hsueh
Camden R. and Jayne A. Hubbard
Andrew Hunter
Michael H. Imbacuan
Jack and Der-Huei D. Jew
Daniel H. and Pamela W. Jones
Anita E. Jones-Monk
Deborah Jordan and Andrew Pollack
Samuel Kam Sheung Woo and Lam Kwok Kam
Arthur Kegels
Esayas and Johanna K. Kelkile
Joshua J. Kennedy-Smith
S. C. Khojasteh-Bakht and Zarrindokht Ferdowsifar
Timothy Y. Kim
Kim and Shirley L. Kinoshita
Edward F. Kleinman
Judith P. Klinman and Mordechai Mitnick
Gretchen V. and Michael A. Kriss
Paul J. Krusic and Louise Allen
Douglas S. Kuramoto
Stephanie Lai
Stephen M. Lambert
William J. and Constance J. Lawrence
Helen J. Lee and Mark E. Sixta
Jennifer C. Lee
William A. Lester
David and Bettina Leu
James W. Lewis and Dale A. Roche
Wei-Cheng Lien
Catherine and Tzu-Mu Lin
Peter J. and Rachel L. Lipowicz
Chong Liu
Kun Liu
David A. and Judith W. Lloyd
Donna M. and Mark A. Logan
John and Patricia Lorimer
Thomas D. and Laurene M. Mac Phee
Patricia D. Mackenzie
Timothy Aaron and Vicki Lynne MacMurdo
Douglas K. Mandel
Gregg W. Martin
Richard L. and Susan C. Martin
W. Paul and Sally C. Martin
Elizabeth E. McCarthy
John M. and Lara M. McDonald
Adam L. Meadows and Christina J. Lee
Navin R. and Monica R. Melville
Richard L. and Donna Merson
Roger A. and Helen G. Metzler
Paul and Barbara Miao
Jayne and Drake Michno
Peter W. Miller
Laura E. Muehl
Robert T. and Susan N. Mullen
Masato and Kimiko Nakashima
Vivek N. Narayanan
Wesley Natzle and Frances Dunwell
Nathan R. and Erika E. B. Neale
Harry T. and Joanne Nelson
Danson E. Nguyen
Huy Q. Nguyen
Jerome P. Nilmeier
John and Verna O'Connell
Laura A. and Steven E. Oliphant
Camille and Jim Olufson
Ogbemi O. and Cecilia M. Omatete
Thomas B. and Susanne K. Ottoboni
Robert J. Ouellette and Karen Lojo
Keith B. and Suzanne L. Pang
Axel H. Paul and Regine Oltersdorf-Paul
Dehua Pei
Joseph and Janice Peterson
Joseph and Lisa Peterson
Richard C. Pilger, Jr.
William L. and Mary E. Plouffe
Max and Stacey Pray
Austin L. and Marjorie Prindle
Gurdeep S. and Kiran P. Ranhotra
Thomas C. and Betty Ransohoff
Patrick J. Reilly and Ashley E. Wolfe
William P. and Katrina C. Reinhardt
Mark H. and Jennifer T. Ross
Ferenc E. and Diane E. Rosztoczy
David S. Rumschitzki
Janice K. and Ryan Y. Saiki
William C. and Judith H. Sailor
Cleo M. Salisbury and Anthony C. Lobay
Romelia Salomon Ferrer
Jane L. and Harry N. Scheiber
Francis J. and Phoebe C. Schmitz
Rong L. Shao and Zhiren Jin
Stephen Shapiro
Anita J. Shaw
Phoebe F. Shih and Matthew Sharp
Jerry Shuper
Fakhar U. Singhera
Wade Sisk and Avril Ussery Sisk
Michael Siu and Carmen Leung
John E. and Catherine A. Sohn
Ronald E. and Maureen Soulis
Robert W. Stephenson
Warren C. Stueben
Stephen C. Su
Smita and Rajendra Suba
Lisa and Reid Sullivan
Boquin Sun and Linggan Qiu Sun
Suzanne C. Sutton
Janet A. Tamada and Jeffrey Zwiebel
Jeffrey P. and Katherine Tane
Rebecca E. Taylor and Anthony R. Kovscek
Klaus H. Theopold and Susan McGeary
Johanna Todenhagen
Gail A. and Gerald L. Trimble
Baylor B. and Linda M. Triplett
James H. Tsai and Linh My Nguy
Hera and Han Tunggal
John P. and Ruth A. Unik
Jack Van Den Bogaerde
John Van Zee
Mark W. Verbrugge
David A. Wallack and Kaori Koya
Lisa Wang
Robert F. and Rita K. Weimer
Fred C. and Cristel K. Wemer
Carolyn A. Westerdahl
Gina M. Whitney
Richard J. Wilcox and Elizabeth E. Dean
Alice Y. Wong
Jack O. Wong
Rob Wong
Susan Woo
Barbara A. Wood
John and Robin Worthington
Ronald R. Wright and Andrea Lash
Jeffrey Wu
Edward S. Yang
Marshall I. Yeh
Leo and Barbara Zafonte
Robert D. Zimmerman
William T. and Donna M. Zimmerman
Paul F. Zittel

Hildebrand club ($100-$249)

Many thanks to the following donors:

Anonymous (11)
Brendan P. Abolins
John Adams and Carol Deakyne
Karin S. Akerfeldt and Michael H. Howard
Ilana S. Aldor
Keith W. and Elaine S. Alexander
Rudolph T. and Mary Ann Allemann
Allan and Shirley Anderson
Lawrence C. and Phyllis L. Anderson
Isaiah P. Apfel
Evan H. and Mary G. Appelman
Robi Aragon
Daniel R. and Shelley A. Arenson
Adelaja A. Arojuraye
Sekhar and Alamelu Arunachalam
Lucienne B. Ash
Fred A. and Sally J. Aslan
Leone Atkinson
Soe Aung and Sarah Kwan Aung
Steven C. and Christina A. Avanzino
Matthew B. Avery
Surinderjeet S. and Harjinder Bajwa
Enoch P. Baldwin and Amy E. Barlow
Nitash Balsara and Rita Lilly
Douglas J. Bamford
Anne M. Baranger and John F. Hartwig
Stan Barnett
Andrew P. Baronavski
Colby E. and Leslie Barrett
Edward M. Barrish
Robert J. and Ruth S. Baseman
David B. and Roxana M. Beach
Jason Beiger
Norman P. and Eva S. Belle
Mariet Bernhardt and Charles-Henri Robert
Richard N. Biagioni
John Biale
John H. Birely
Leonard F. and Marlyce K. Bjeldanes
Loring K. and Maureen A. Bjornson
Uldis Blukis and Bitite Vinklers-Blukis
Kristie A. Boering and Ronald C. Cohen
Vladimir E. Bondybey
Lisa A. and Paul H. Bowers
Eileen Bowman-Wickemeyer and David Wickemeyer
James E. and Jean R. Boyden
James Brady
Daniel T. Bregante
Peter J. Brewer
Anne and James Brody
Karl Bucholz
Patrick S. Bupara
Patrick and Barbara Burke
Elizabeth R. Burkhardt
Gary P. and Marla H. Burns
Carol J. and Michael J. Burns
Robert W. and Sylvia L. Burns
Sylvia A. Buse
John H. and Niloofar Bushweller
Laura J. Caddell
Elton J. and Miriam Cairns
Mark J. Camenzind and Dorothy Hassler
John K. Cammack
Jonathan O. and Linda Carlson
William and Marie-May Carlson
Halbert H. Carmichael
Chris J. Carvalho
David E. Casas-Mao
Kay M. and Neal Castagnoli
Robert P. and Shirley A. Chambers
Margaret Chan
Angela Y. Chang
Sherry and Johnny Chang
James L. Chao and Juliana Meimei Ma
Michael A. and Marilyn R. Chartock
Danny Chen
Joseph J. Chen
Atwood K. Cheung
Thomas J. C. and Shirley H. Y. Chew
Jodie K. Chin
Tae H. Cho
Charina L. Choi and Jonathan Chou
Andrea Cheng-Yi Chou
Grace F. Chou
James J. Chronley
Janet Chuang
Pete Spielmann and Susan Chun
Edward S. Clark
Kenneth E. and Ashley O. Coates
Martin F. Colaco
James L. Cole
John B. and Sylva H. Collins
Kaizar Colombowala
Donald R. Colvin
Floyd Warren Colvin
Mary M. Conway
Paul A. Cornelius
Douglas H. Cortez
Craig R. and Sally M. Costello
Ann R. and Ewen C. Coxworth
Ross A. Crockett
David L. Cullen
Robert F. and Jonel W. Curl
Calvin J. and Margaret A. Curtis
Judith A. Cutino
Peter S. Dahlberg
Eric M. Darmstaedter
David C. Darwin and Ling He
Cameron J. and Jean M. Dasch
Pravin K. and Jyoti P. Dattani
Paul E. and Jane M. Davis
Kenneth E. and Rose I. De Bruin
Diana M. Degregorio
Karen W. Dehnert
Janice J. and Eric G. Del Mar
David E. Delwiche
Jessica M. Demeyer
Stephen G. DiMagno and Susan Poser
Hong T. Dinh
David A. Dobson
Denis and Donna R. Drapeau
Casey W. Drubin
Yile Du
Nabomita Dutta
David J. and Esther L. Ellis
Kristopher J. Erickson
Charles and Susan N. Fadley
Neil Patrick M. Fajardo
Shervin Fatehi
Watson B. and Joan M. Fearing
Susannah Feder
Alexander Feldman and Julia R. Whitworth
Lisa L. and Richard M. Fenton
Robert and Suzanne Ferroggiaro
George and Cherry Fitzgerald
Richard C. and Janet H. Fitzgerald
Warren W. and Virginia F. Flack
Dennis D. and Joan H. Flaherty
Robert A. and Frida V. Flath
David A. Forsyth
Elizabeth G. Francois
Doug T. Fung
Jean H. Futrell
Brian W. Gac
Ethan C. and Patricia J. Galloway
Jingyun Juliana Gao
Antonio A. Garcia and Beatriz Castaner-Garcia
Lucia R. Gardner
Don Gartner and Donelle Ehritt
Lee M. and Susan H. Gavens
Juris P. Germanas
Edward G. Gillan
Jack T. Gilmore
David S. and Cynthia D. Glueck
Anna Goldstein
Barry Goldstein
Gary M. and Susan Goncher
Sonja Krause Goodwin and Walter W. Goodwin
Hemendra Goyal
Ronald and Patricia Grant
Hue Tran Green and Mike R. Green
Hari B. and Amita Gupta
Lucy B. and Richard I. Hagan
Ivan Haller
Neil S. and Etsuko Hanabusa
George L. and Gretchen G. Hardgrove
John R. and M. Isabel Hargreaves
Ian and Caryn Harris
Allen and Vicki L. Hartford
Mark A. and Jennifer Hartney
Thomas B. Harvey and Nancy Binger Harvey
Courtney J. Hastings
Susan C. Heinemann
Robert and Janet Hermsen
Melanie J. and Frank Hernandez
Robert G. and Barbara P. Hickman
William T. and Joy H. Hicks
Paul V. Hinman
Eric J. Hintsa and Wei Wang
Hansel H. Ho
Lisa Hochrein
Richard W. Hoff
Lucas R. Hoffman and Ellen Kuwana
Gretchen E. Hofmeister and David G. Alberg
Andrew W. Holland
Knute R. Holter
Mei Hong and Klaus Schmidt-Rohr
Steven A. Hong
David and April Horner
Missy U. Horton
Cheri Hsu and Chien Chen
Judy Huang
Chiuyen Huang and Wenjiun Lin
Franklin D. Huffman
Lillian Y. and James M. Hull
Gladys K. Humphreys
Joan A. and Joe R. Humphreys
Sammy T. Hung
Weiqian Q. and Richard B. Hyland
Anthony T. Iavarone
Kathryn M. Ireland
Michael K. and Janice J. Ishii
Dennis and Amelia Iwamoto
Lalitha and Rajkumar Iyer
Karen T. Jacobson and Jerome A. Schwartz
Judy A. James and the late Thomas C. James
Mottlene W. and Thomas J. Jarvis
Richard N. Jennings
John A. and Heidi S. Jensvold
Kyle Jensvold
Franklin and Rose Jin
Steven H. and Judy A. Jirucha
Charles R. Johnson and Kathy Pickup
Brian H. and Stephanie S. Johnston
Kristala Jones Prather
Patricia W. and Russell L. Jones
Stephanie R. Jones
Helen C. M. Jung
Andreas V. Kadavanich
Daniel R. and Susan B. Kahn
Frances C. Kan and Edward M. Lee
Michael S. and Annette Y. Karim
Timothy B. Karpishin
Lisa M. and John C. Kath
Michael A. Kay
Eric R. Keim
Lynn Keithlin
Andrew and Joanne Kindler
Todd E. Kindorf and Sandy Galganski
Joy K. King
Matthew C. Kinne
Lucinda F. Buhse and Steven A. Kinsley
Harumi and Russell Kishida
Leonard E. Klebanoff
Piper J. Klemm and Adam D. Hill
Mary and Thomas Kmak
Edward King Hang Ko and Mindy Xiaomin Guan
Dara R. Kolahi
Henry F. Koopmann
Scott M. and Leslie E. Koshland
Mark H. and Julia K. Krackov
Heidi Krenz
Marvelle E. Krenz
Cynthia J. Krieger and Stuart Friedman
Joshua W. Kriesel
James H. and Bonita J. Krueger
Don F. Kumamoto and Peggy M. Wood
Michael Kumpf
Robinson Kuo
Heemun Kwok and Vanessa Feliciano
Joel Kwok
Justin Y. and Maria Cristina G. Kwong
Howard S. Lacheen and June Hight
William C. and Margaret A. Langworthy
Edward M. Larson
Lee Latimer
Jenny S. and Kenneth K. Lau
Anette and Andrew Lavagnino
Anh-Vu T. and Anna Le
Thao Le
C. Michael and Christina Lederer
Chieh-Ju Lee
Lisa Z. and Chi Ho Lee
Stephen M. Lee and Diana C. Fong
Wang-Thai Lee and Kai Wing Fok
Nicholas A. Leefer
Allen S. and Phyllis E. Lefohn
Theodore J. and Marianne Leitereg
Arthur J. Lempert
Charles Siu-Huen Leung
Keith K. Leung
Daniel K. Leva
A. Lew
Traci A. and Timothy A. Lewis
Anqi Liang
Michael N. Liang
Bernard J. and Elizabeth Lilly
James Lim
Jasper C. Lin
Josette Lin
Ming-Fu Lin
T. Joseph and Cathy C. Lin
Nancy J. Linck
Lucinda Linde
Manfred and Bernice A. Lindner
David A. Lindsay and Margaret N. Ingalls
David and Lisa Littlejohn
Hanwei Liu
Lisa J. Lobree and Cameron F. Abrams
Steven C. and Jacinta M. Loftus
Stephen and Barbara Lomnes
Jack W. London
S. Randolph Long and Lisa Strandman-Long
Elia E. and Manuel Lopez
Clifford M. and Elaine F. Lowe
Charles N. and Anne L. Ludvik
David J. Godbey and Ellice Y. Luh
Linda and Victor Lukas
Rita Lukas
Benson J. Ma
Greg Maguire
Thomas J. Maimone and Marietta Burro
Nolan F. and Marian S. Mangelson
Malgorzata Marjanska
Steven Marks and Michelle Eimer
David W. and Junko Marr
Lewis Marten
Douglas R. Martin
Jason Mashhour
Ian P. Mathews
Phillip T. Matsunaga and May B. Sze
William J. McBride
Bruce W. McClelland
Donald S. McClure
John C. McClure
William G. and Helene L. McKee
Stephen T. McKenna
Robert H. McKoon
Charles A. and Mary Lee Mehl
John G. and Nancy M. Mengshol
Richard I. Michelman and Karen E. Meyer
Richard M. and Roberta Milberg
David R. and Sally S. Miller
Nancy H. and Reid C. Miller
Richard R. and Valerie L. Miller
William M. and Anita C. Miller
Tuang Wei Mok
Terry W. Moody
David P. Morgan
Shannon Moriarty
Ardeshir A. Mortazavi
Earl M. and Sharlene W. Mortensen
Becky H. and Robert F. Mortlock
Eugene I. and Ann C. Motte
James S. and Patricia Muirhead
Susan J. Muller
Sean W. Mullin
Thomas F. Murphy
William Murray
Justin P. Nakamura
Gregory V. and Karen L. Nelson
Leonard Y. and Susan Nelson
Madeline M. Netto
Felix G. Ngan and Lily M. Lee
Tuan N. Nguyen
Terre J. Nicholau Terzakis and Arthur Terzakis
Kendall and Louis Novoa-Takara
Wesley K. Nurss
Allie C. Obermeyer
Jeremy T. O'Brien
Timothy J. and Carol Ohara
Mitchio Okumura
Lisa M. Onishi
Howard K. Ono
Jacqueline Orbon
Wilma and Benny Ordiz
William H. and Judith M. Orttung
Fumio Otsu and Mary V. Jensen
Kenneth M. and Sheila M. Otteson
Timothy D. Owens and Veronica R. Nava
James and Shirley A. Oziomek
Anant K. Paravastu
Song and Deborah Park
Kirtika K. Patel
Kirit B. Patel
Charles W. and Deirdre W. Paul
Kyle C. Perry
Lawrence B. Perry
Frederick and Linda Peterson
Leonidas and Lina C. Petrakis
Paul A. and Joan G. Petruzzelli
Jason Ploeger
Matthew J. and Jennifer L. Plunkett
Jan Polissar
Max Y. Pong
Manisha Ponniah
Raju and Prabha Ponniah
Arjun Prabhakar
Sateja A. and Ajit R. Pradhan
Geoffrey A. and Merlyn E. Prentice
Christina L. and Benjamin L. Quigley
Tanya C. Rai
Richard M. Ramirez
Rekha R. Rao
Edgar A. Rasquin
Suzanne and Cary Redfearn
Ronald A. and Monica M. Reimer
Ines R. Renner and Andrew W. Cumming
Grahame Richards
Jed L. Richardson
Keith Rickert
Gary L. Robison
Henry D. Rodeen
Patrick A. and Amy J. Rodgers
Gerhard C. and Lorraine Rollefson
Andrew W. Rollins
Terri J. and Gregg D. Roos
Esther H. Rose
Barbara R. and Robert J. Rothway
Thomas V. and Jane M. Rowland
Lawrence F. Rozsnyai
Barney and Evelyn M. Rubin
Ola M. Saad
Edna K. and Damon H. Sakai
Laura J. Sanborn and Mike Gross
Suvinai Satamalee
Ronald J. Sax
Robert A. and Marilynn C. Scherrer
Samuel T. Schloemer
Erika Schneider and Carl Winalski
James F. Schooley
Peter J. Schubart
Donald A. Schultz Jr.
Stephen E. and Sherry R. Schwartz
William J. Scott
Richard F. and Jean P. Searle
Gilbert R. Seely
Robert and Hellena Seid
Lewis Semprini and Nancy A. Wortman
George V. and Irene Shalimoff
Edward Sharman
George S. Sheppard
Martin D. and Margaret S. Shetlar
Ping H. and Gerimae L. Shih
James S. and Amy E. Shirk
Aditya P. Shivprasad
Helen H. Shyn
Mary F. Singleton and Richard Hasbrouck
Carin and Eric J. Sinrod
Michael and Allison Smith
Kate J. Song
Yoo Jin Song and Hah Seong Song
Kenneth Sansone
Harry E. Spencer
Anita Spring
Susan G. Stanton and William E. Preston
Virginia Stark
David M. Steele
Samuel H. Sternberg
Steven R. and Gloria C. Stoltz
Page O. Stoutland
Kathryn A. Striebel and Jeffrey K. Weaver
Pieter Stroeve and Diane Barrett
E. Thomas and Charlotte Strom
Cynthia P. Su
Wendy W. and Eric C. Su
John P. and Mohini R. Sullivan
Christiana Pinyuan Tai
Fred M. Tanaka
Julie Tanner Reichle and William Reichle
Tanya M. Leavy
Nicole O. Taylor
Douglas S. and Ann S. Thompson
Colin M. Tice and Adrienne M. Minecci
T. Don and Rosemary Tilley
Roger C. Tim
Louis M. and Marie L. Toth
Wesley M. and Jo Toy
Adam D. Travis and Samantha L. Liu
Piper L. and Brian R. Trelstad
Michael Trenary and Wendy Greenhouse
Dale and Helen Elaine Trowbridge
Grant J. Trudeau
Andy S. Tsai
Eric D. Turtle
David Uehling and Julie Mohan Uehling
Raymond T. and Jacqueline T. Underberg
Rick Chin and Sandy Underwood
Ricardo and Lynne Unikel
Susanne E. and Robert A. Vandenbosch
Joseph J. Vegh
Karen M. and Dominic Vitale
Matthew Volgraf
Gregory J. and Connie L. Wagner
Kevin P. Wallis
Robert and Mary Walsh
Kai Wang and Ratna J. Oetama
Pam Wang
Shuanhu Wang and Yan Zou
Yung-Hua Wang
Warren S. and Kathleen E. Warren
Myron M. and Claire C. Warshaw
Robert R. Waterhouse and Linda M. Ziedrich
Mark T. Watts
Donald and Mary Wedegaertner
Szu Tsu Joseph Wei
Dwight D. and Doreen L. Weller
Lu-An Wen
Peter H. Wendschuh and Ann Eisner Wendschuh
William C. and Anne Wernau
K. Birgitta Whaley and Marcin M. Majda
Charles and Debra White
Heather D. Whitley
Melia Widjaja and Chihkuo Yu
Jay and Kay Wiesenfeld
Hans Wijffels-van Elderen and Ineke van Elderen
James T. Williams
Arthur M. and Judy Winer
Nancy Wintering
Ruqiyah Wong
Margaret A. Wong
Nolan L. Wong
Sharon M. Wong
Vincent Wong
Adam and Shannon Woolley
John D. Wordie
Gordon and Evelyn Wozniak
Chunyue Wu
Wesley Wu
Ying Wu and Dan Shi
Masatoshi Yamaguchi
Calvin Yan
Michelle and Nolan Yan
Aram Yang
Thomas H. Yee
Timothy D. Yee
Paul C. and Sharon L. Yeh
Jennifer R. Yen
Susie Yin
Sharon L. and Edward E. Yoshida
Donald and Charlene Young
Marsha Yuan and Michael Chaisanguanthum
Richard N. and Susan L. Zare
Sonny T. Zhang
Runyu Zhao
Julia and Frank Zheng
John and Renate Zinn
Hagar Zohar and Justin Virgili
Hans-Conrad zur Loye and Delores Hull

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Anonymous (10)
Iris O. Acosta
Bret W. and Andrea M. Adams
Jesse W. and Sallie O. Adams
Caleb T. Alexander
Yousif Alsaid
Monserrat Amezcua
Yuria Anaga
Alexei Anderson
Weng H. Ao
Renan E. Aparicio
Reha M. and Mary Ruth H. Bafrali
Jonathan M. Baio
Christine C. Balolong
Kevin W. Barnese
George and Larisa Batchelder
Jon C. Batchelder
Rahul Batra
Dean R. Bender and Beth Ann Rheem
Samil Beret
Kirandeep Bering
Whitney N. Bernstein
Russell Blackadar and Susan Van Hise
Roy C. Blackburn Jr
Boonchai Boonyaratanakornkit
Michael T. Boozer
Melissa J. Bovee
H. Leon and Hattie G. Bradlow
Rajandeep S. Brayana
Margaret E. Brown
Marcel Bruchez and Julie Heinrich
Mark E. Bussell
Cheryl L. and Todd W. Bystrom
Kersti J. Caddell Haatveit
Thu T. Cao
Anca Maria Copaescu
Maria Carino
Rod Caspers
Joan E. Cavallaro
Fuat E. and Laura Celik
Colin F. Cerretani
Thawatchai Chaijarasphong
Jeffrey J. and Julie A. Chalmers
Albert H. Chan
Ann P. Chan
Subiksh Chandrashekar
Alex Chang
Betty W. Chang
Michelle M. Chang
Joan Chao and Jeffrey C. Kelterborn
Angela Chen
Jeffrey A. Chen
Tiffany Q. Chen
Andrew and Christianne Chen
Ernest L. Chen
Jingyi Chen
Justin P. Chen
Michael Y. Chen
Pei-Shiun Chen
Wang Q. Chen
Andrew Shing-Kin Cheung
Jae H. Choi
Yeon S. Choi
Chun M. Chow
Wen H. Chu
Roehl M. Cinco and Allison Tanner
Shannon M. Ciston
Joseph G. Cordaro
Elizabeth R. Corson
Geoffrey A. and Gail M. Dafforn
Janis M. and Ned T. Dairiki
Maura K. Daly
Antonia and Honorio De Jesus
Daniel K. Dea
Herbert X. and Barbara J. Di Grazia
James R. and Kay E. Divine
Deirdre H. Donaldson
H. Dennis Dougherty
Jessica D. Douglas and Matthew Drazba
Sharon E. and Randy K. Douglas
Melanie E. Drake
Daniel X. Du
Kateri H. Dubay and Andrew T. Hayashi
John W. and Marlene J. Eastman
Richard U. Edgehill
David Eichhorn and Judith Gordon
Alice Eiford
Susanna K. Elledge
Karen Elliott
Elsa B. Elmahdy
Suzanne Emberton
Irving P. Everett, Jr.
Donna M. Ewert
Pamela Fearon
Jack P. and Suzanne T. Finney
Mark B. and Samone Fischer
Mark S. Fischer
Gregory R. Fisher
Valerie P. and John G. Florez
Valerie and David Francuz
Kevin L. Friend
Amanda A. Frossard
Tingting Fu
Katherine B. Galli-Kreps and Stig Kreps
Tanya Gardner
Craig Gates
John Gavenonis
Susan Gentes
Steven M. George and Margaret Tobert
Amy I. Gilson
Michael D. and Muriel Gillespie
Janet L. Gilmore and David Marcus
Brittany S. Gomez
Stephen J. Goode, Jr.
Richard M. Goodman
Konstantinos A. Goulas and Kathryn M. Sosnak
Eric Granlund
Amanda C. Green
William H. and Amanda C. Green
Michael L. Greenfield
Michael L. and Patricia W. Gregg
Kimberly A. Griffin
John Q. Gulley
Maribelle Guloy
James N. and Claire J. Haag
Leslie S. Hamachi
Sherry and Richard Hamlin
Jamie  Harper
Laurie A. Hart
Mark Hasegawa and Irene Griff
Bobby Hatfield
Tianyi He
Tina B. Heath and Jeramy Heath
Kenneth and Suzanne Hedden
Robert F. and Ellen D. Hempton
Bruce M. and Laurie B. Henkin
Patrick A. Higashi
Vincent M. Hipwell
Kristina M. Hoh
Sandra Hoh
Grace Hong and Andrew Sik Hong
James A. and Gudrun G. Hoobler
Julie M. and Rob Hooper
Nancy Johnsen Horton and John D. Horton
Debera Hsiao
Jeremy S. Hsu
Bowen Hu
Baowen Huang
Daniel and Daphne Huang
Tammy H. Huang
Mark Hughes
Sarah M. Hull
Sonya R. Hunter
Joyce Huynh
Loc T. Huynh
Mary Lee Hyde
Christina M. Hyland
Ugonna N. Ihenacho
Luna Izpisua-Rodriguez
Lily Jafarifar
Khaled M. Jami
Doungyoun Jang
Nare Janvelyan
Wayne G. Jay and Amy A. Huang
Richard J. Jeong
Keunhong Jeong
Kevin Z. Jia
David M. and Tamala R. Jonas
Fonda Jong
Yaroslav Kaminskiy
Hana Kang
Baljit Kaur
Lisa Kempin
Griffin J. Kennedy
Sandy T. Khuong
Young Hyun Kim
Michael J. Klein
Igor Kligman
Roland J. and Anne E. Koestner
Jerry M. and Cynthia B. Kramer
Joseph F. and Susan P. Krupa
Ajay and Krista C. Kshatriya
Jamie N. Kulp
Yat-Ping R. and Man W. Kwan
Yen M. and Joseph M. Kwok
Soonwoo Kwon
Jeong Ok and Harrison Kwon
Makoto A. Lalwani
Lisa H. Lam
Joseph R. and Alice Landolph
John and Carol Lathrop
Lori O. and Duane C. Lau
Tiffany T. Lay
Thao N. Le
Hsiu-Huei Li
Il Hyung Lee
Ka Chai Lee
Martin K. and Nailin Lee
Woojin Lee
Colin W. Lees
Samuel K. Leung
Suzanne Kam-Cee Leung
Zachary D. Levine
Meilan Li
Vincent K. Liang
Zuohua Liang and Jianjun Zhang
Thomas I. and Janet F. Lichterman
Christopher Y. Lim
Eunhee Lim
Jongwoo Lim
Aditya M. Limaye
Rachel A. Ling
Thomas E. and Kathie L. Lingafelter
Christine S. Liu
Qingni Liu
Whitney Loo
Lawrence and Stephanie Loomis-Price
Felix Lu
Henry S. and Patricia A. Luftman
Elena Lunt
Richard A. and Susan H. MacPhail
Ronald A. MacQuarrie
Catherine Madsen
Caroline Mahendra
Rajinder K. Mahendroo
Andrew B. Martin
Marie and Michael Martin
Christopher E. Martinez
Jacqueline A. Maslyn
Laura M. McCaslin
Barbara J. McWilliams
Neha Mehta
Jo Melville
Rocio Mercado
Ali Mesbah
J. Hoyt Meyer
Evan W. and Elizabeth Miller
Laura C. Miller
Natalie M. Minnetian
Wilson Mok
Rosemary Molinari
Shiela E.and Alexander C. Moll
Gina M. Moller
Jane D. Monterroso
Jennifer H. Moore
Madeleine Davis Moradkhan and Romel Moradkhan
Johannes Morstein
Elizabeth Moyer
Katherine Mrache
Eric A. Muller
Martin Mulvihill and Nilofar Gardezi
Thomas K. Murphy and Amelia A. Sadowsky
Peggy H. Myers
Jefrey C. Nacar
Pradeep M. Nair
Masamichi and Georgia T. Nakano
Lauren Nakashima
Tammy Neseth
Chawita Netirojjanakul
Alvin Ng
King T. and Ann Ng
Maxwell T. Nguyen
Tri M. Nguyen
Son C. Nguyen
Tai V. Nguyen
James T. Nichols
Eva M. Nichols
Emi Okada
Charles L. and Marion W. Orman
Da Ming Ou
Winston R. Ou
Gregory M. Ow
Annie Pan
Vincent Pang
Han J. Park
John B. Park
Jong D. Park
Christopher C. Parks and Amelia Seyssel Parks
C. Parr and Patricia A. Storck
Masis K. Parunyan
Praful G. and Renukabahen P. Patel
Matthew J. Pavlovich
Elissa Pekrul
Jose Perez-Gonzalez
Eric S. Peterson
Phuoc H. Pham
Joseph P. Phillips
Samantha M. Pochert
John H. and Judi L. Pohl
Morgan C. and Cindy R. Ponder
Geoffrey G. Poon
Apurva A. Pradhan
Pooja Prazid
Allison K. Pymer
Barbara L. Queen
Aditya Raghunathan
Donald L. Raimondi
Axel A. Ramos
Karla Ramos-Torres
Sonal V. Rangnekar
Leila A. Ranis
Bruce R. Rauhe
Barbara M. Ray
Arezou Razavi
Washington S. Reeder
Ryan O. Reynolds
Jeffrey T. Roberts
Glen Amos Rogers
Dobbie L. Roisen
Eric P. Ruby
Riowise Rusli
Theo A. Rusmore
Emiri Sakaguchi
Anjum Sareshwala
David Savage
David Schaffer and Linda Hinh
Sheldon A. Schaffer
Angelique M. Scheuerman
Pamela Scribner
Daniel S. Shaffer
Vinod K. and Mary B. Shah
Mercedes Shahrokhi
Priyanka Sharma
Carol B. Sharon
Michael H. Sheehan
Morgan S. Shishido
Jerry Shluker and Brenda Keller
Alexander Shtromberg
Kavya Siddartha
Subhas and Ruma Sikdar
Leslie Silvers
Sidney H. Simon
Steven W. Sinton
Izaac A. Sit
Lauren N. Smith
Monica Snyder
Richard C. Solem
Peter Soler
David Spiciarich
Ryan M. Spielvogel
Amy Stern
Michael S. and Lucille P. Story
Ravi R. Suba
Briand and Judith Sumida
Be Sun
Debra M. Suzuki
Joseph A. Swisher
Geza Szigethy and Suhaida A. Selamat
Victor K. Tam
Joseph W. Tang
Khin May Thant
Myo Thant
Mamie M. Thant
Shawn D. Thornton
Kathryn P. and Robert C. Tiffany
Caroline M. Ting
Norman Tom
David A. Tong
Julie Tse
Man Yak Tsui
Chia-Chi Tuan
Ivan G. Ulloa Garcia
Geralyn C. Unterberg
Camila Valiente
Brett W. Van Der Goetz
Jeroen Van Der Mynsbruggs
Mathias N. and Cornelia van Thiel
David J. and Catherine E. Vieira
Gil M. and Carmencita Castillo Villanueva
Joseph A. and Tanya Virgilio
Chau M. Vo
Lara Voelker
Ann Marie Von Worley
Tu Vu
Daniella Wallwork
Diana J. Wang
Eileen Wang
Ross K. Ward
Erin Wardle
Storm Weiner
Benjamin and Patricia Weinstein
Taylor J. Witke
Eric K. and Debra Y. Wong
Joey S. Wong
Memi C. Wong
Curtis A. and Jaclyn M. Wray
Jingting Wu
Zijue Wu
Kevin H. Wujcik
Ruihong Xiao
Chenlu Xie
Laj Xiong
Zilan Xiong
Jiansong Xu
Ke Xu
Michael Xu
Gary H. Yamamoto
Shannon Yan
Gilbert H. Yang
Lisa F. Yang
Zhichao Yang
Brandon J. Yee
Shirley C. and John Yfantis
Omar Yaghi
Geibao Yin
Harry and Elsie Yip
Jay A. Yostanto
Eric P. Young
Lok Him Yu
Lucy M. Yu
Zhenfeng Yu
Bing Yuan
Hakeem S. Yusuff
Gina Zaghi
John Zelinsky
Gen Zhang
Jiabei Zhang
Stephanie J. Zhang
Tianjiao Zhang
Wenjun Zhang
Nanxia Zhao
Yingbo Zhao
Allison J. Zhong
George and Joyce Zhu
Jieling Zhu

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Planned Gifts

The following are members of the Benjamin Ide Wheeler Society. These individuals have included the College of Chemistry or the University of California, Berkeley in their estate plans.

Benjamin Ide Wheeler Society

Many thanks to the following individuals:

Raul E. Acosta and Selma Gluck-Acosta
David Altman and the late Beverly Altman
Charles E. Auerbach
Craig P. Baskin
Robert and Wendy Bergman
John H. Birely
Marshall Blann
Robert J. Carr
Sunney I. Chan
Nirmal and Ellen L. Chatterjee
Phyllis S. Chiado
Irmgard Chu and the late T. Z. Chu
Morrison Chun
Robin D. Clark and Mary Mackiernan
Warren E. Clifford
Douglas H. Cortez
Frank G. Delfino
Richard P. Dodge
Gus D. Dorough
Clelland R. Downs
Lois J. Durham
Martha Dutro
Darrell C. Feay
Lucia M. Feng
Dwight A. Fine
Bruce A. Firestone and Ann Yamashiro-Cutner
Warren W. Flack
George M. Fohlen
Peter C. Foller
Philip and Kathryn Friedel
Kai-Ye Fung
Anna Gatti
William and Janet Gerhardt
Cheri R. Hadley
Susie Hahn
Clayton H. Heathcock
John F. Heil
Shirley C. Heiman
Eleanor M. Holland
Clinton and Joji Holzwarth
Steven M. Hornstein
Richard W. Hyman
Yasuko Ikeda
William B. Innes
Nissen A. Jaffe
Anne C. Johnson
Stephen and Elizabeth Johnson 
Fred B. and Marcia A. Kirby
Jack F. and Birthe K. Kirsch
Kevin A. and Bree L. Klotter
Thomas A. Koster
Silvanus S. and Kwai Ling Lau
Joe B. Lavigne
Loretta Q. and George W. Lefler 
Lillian Lessler
Louisa Ling
Catherine S. Ma
James R. McCabe
John M. McDonald
Carlos A. Melendres 
Peter W. Miller
Heinz Mollet
C. Bradley and Penny Moore
Joy M. Ohara
Connie M. Oshiro
Rodney M. and Jeanne V. Panos
Marjorie Pape Crandall Pearce
Darwin R. Poulos
Raymond A. Pritchard
David I. Rabuka and Jocelyn S. Sperling
John A. Ragan
Robert G. Reynolds
Glen Amos Rogers
Michael S. Ross
Ann Hollins Sadler
Jane L. and Harry N. Scheiber
Fred W. Schernig
J. S. Paul Schwarz
Thomas N. Shaffer
Hugh C. Silcox
The late Henry B. Sinclair
Nora G. Smiriga
Bernald S. Smith
Clinton D. and Sharon Snyder
Frank B. Sprow
Bruce E. and Susan J. Stangeland
Walter A. Stark Jr.
Andrew Streitwieser and Joyce C. Hessel
Theodore A. Tanabe
Anne Friend Thacher and Anson B. Thacher
William B. Tolman
James A. Trainham and Linda D. Waters
Roger D. van Zee
James P. Vokac and Stacey T. Baba
Thomas L. Westman
Rita Wieland
Michael C. Williams
Roger G. and Molly W. Williams
J. Michael Word and Cate Stewart
Anthony T. Young
Gary W. Zellweger
Robert D. Zimmerman

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The following individuals were paid tribute through a gift to the College during the 2015-16 fiscal year.

in honor

Gifts were made in honor of these individuals:

Prof. Emer. Paul A. Bartlett
Prof. Emer. Robert G. Bergman
Prof. Emer. Harvey W. Blanch
Mr. Joel Boussert
Ms. Kelly Boussert
Dr. Hoang Q. Doan
Prof. Emer. Clayton H. Heathcock
Mr. Michael Jagadpramana
Dr. Deanne C. Krenz
Mr. Hagop Parunyan
Ms. Hayguhi Parunyan
Prof. Alexander Pines
Prof. John M. Prausnitz
Ms. Susan Prausnitz
Prof. Emer. Kenneth N. Raymond
Ms. Jean P. Searle
Mr. Richard F. Searle
Prof. Emer. Gabor A. Somorjai
Prof. Emer. Andrew Streitwieser, Jr.
Dr. Lawrence M. Tierney, Jr.

in memory

Gifts were made in memory of these individuals:

Dr. Benjamin P. Boussert
Mr. Donald E. Buse
Prof. James Cason, Jr.
Mr. Antonio T. Chong
Dr. Frances S. Connick
Prof. Emer. Robert E. Connick
Prof. William G. Dauben
Mr. Hing Dear
Prof. Emer. William D. Gwinn
Prof. Joel H. Hildebrand
Mr. T. Keith Jones
Ms. Margaret Jorgenson
Dr. Frank Y. Lee
Mr. Rowland Prideaux-Brune
Prof. Henry Rapoport
Mr. Dana W. Ruben
Mr. Nandan Sathyanarayana
Prof. Glenn T. Seaborg
Dr. Mitchel Shen
Mr. George D. Snider
Ms. Elise C. Stone
Prof. Theodore Vermeulen

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The following individuals made a gift to the College as a student during the 2015-16 fiscal year.

Student donors

Many thanks to these individuals:

Anonymous (4)
Weng H. Ao
Rahul Batra
Michael T. Boozer
Rajandeep S. Brayana
Kersti J. Caddell Haatveit
Thawatchai Chaijarasphong
Ann P. Chan
Subiksh Chandrashekar
Alex Chang
Jeffrey A. Chen
Jingyi Chen
Justin P. Chen
Tiffany Q. Chen
Wang Q. Chen
Chun M. Chow
Wen H. Chu
Elizabeth R. Corson
Melanie E. Drake
Casey W. Drubin
Daniel X. Du
Susanna K. Elledge
Kevin L. Friend
Brittany S. Gomez
Stephen J. Goode, Jr.
Patrick A. Higashi
Vincent M. Hipwell
Kristina M. Hoh
Jeremy S. Hsu
Bowen Hu
Baowen Huang
Tammy H. Huang
Mark Hughes
Sarah M. Hull
Loc T. Huynh
Christina M. Hyland
Luna Izpisua-Rodriguez
Khaled M. Jami
Richard J. Jeong
Yaroslav Kaminskiy
Hana Kang
Griffin J. Kennedy
Young Hyun Kim
Makoto A. Lalwani
Tiffany T. Lay
Thao N. Le
Woojin Lee
Zachary D. Levine
Meilan Li
Aditya M. Limaye
Christine S. Liu
Hanwei Liu
Qingni Liu
Whitney Loo
Caroline Mahendra
Christopher E. Martinez
Jacqueline A. Maslyn
Jo Melville
Rocio Mercado
Natalie M. Minnetian
Jefrey C. Nacar
Alvin Ng
Maxwell T. Nguyen
Eva M. Nichols
Emi Okada
Da Ming Ou
Winston R. Ou
Gregory M. Ow
Annie Pan
Vincent Pang
John B. Park
Jong D. Park
Davis D. Perez
Manisha Ponniah
Apurva A. Pradhan
Pooja Prazid
Aditya Raghunathan
Karla Ramos-Torres
Sonal V. Rangnekar
Washington S. Reeder
Ryan O. Reynolds
Riowise Rusli
Theo A. Rusmore
Emiri Sakaguchi
Angelique M. Scheuerman
Daniel S. Shaffer
Morgan S. Shishido
Kate J. Song
David Spiciarich
Ravi R. Suba
Joseph W. Tang
Caroline M. Ting
Man Yak Tsui
Ivan G. Ulloa Garcia
Camila Valiente
Brett W. Van Der Goetz
Chau M. Vo
Tu Vu
Eileen Wang
Yung-Hua Wang
Ross K. Ward
Taylor J. Witke
Chunyue Wu
Jingting Wu
Zijue Wu
Kevin H. Wujcik
Chenlu Xie
Jiansong Xu
Michael Xu
Calvin Yan
Lisa F. Yang
Zhichao Yang
Brandon J. Yee
Jay A. Yostanto
Lucy M. Yu
Bing Yuan
Gen Zhang
Jiabei Zhang
Stephanie J. Zhang
Nanxia Zhao
Runyu Zhao
Yingbo Zhao
Allison J. Zhong

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We are grateful to the companies, foundations, and organizations that invest in the College’s future. Contributors during the 2015-16 fiscal year are recognized below.

$500,000 and more

Many thanks to the following donors:

American Cancer Society
The Dow Chemical Company Foundation
The Educational Foundation of University of Science and Technology of China

$100,000 to $499,999

Many thanks to the following donors:

Alzheimer's Disease & Related Disorders Association
American Chemical Society
Arnold & Mabel Beckman Foundation
Chevron Corporation
Esther A. & Joseph Klingenstein Fund, Inc.
Lam Research Corporation
March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation
Mosaic Materials
Research Corporation for Science Advancement

$25,000 to $49,999

Many thanks to the following donors:

Robert Bosch, LLC
Academia Sinica
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
The Croucher Foundation
Exxon Mobil Corporation
Ford Motor Company
Max Kade Foundation, Inc.
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Link Foundation
Medical University of Vienna
The Procter & Gamble Company
Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

up to $29,999

Many thanks to the following donors:

Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Annual Reviews, Inc.
Autodesk, Inc.
BioAmber, Inc.
Eastman Chemical Company
Genentech, Inc.
Merck & Co., Inc.
Method Products, Inc.
Nippon Shokubai Co., Ltd. 
Novartis International AG
Ono Pharmaceutical Company, Inc.
Organic Syntheses, Inc.
Royal Society of Chemistry
Sigma-Aldrich Co.

Matching Gifts

These Companies participated in employee giving programs:

3M Foundation
Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Air Products Foundation
American Endowment Foundation
Applied Materials
BASF Corporation
Baxter International Foundation
Bridgestone/Firestone Trust Fund
Cardinal Health, Inc.
Chevron Corporation
Cisco Systems Foundation
The Dow Chemical Company Foundation
Eli Lilly & Company Foundation
Exxon Mobil Foundation
G E Foundation
GlaxoSmithKline PLC
IBM Corporation
Intel Foundation
Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Foundation
Kraft Foods Foundation
Lam Research Corporation
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Lockheed Martin Corporation Foundation
The Medtronic Foundation
Merck Company Foundation
Microsoft Coorporation
Monsanto Fund
Mutual of America Life Insurance Company
Novartis US Foundation
Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Pfizer Foundation
The Procter & Gamble Fund
Raytheon Company
SanDisk Corporation
Sanofi-Aventis US LLC
Sealed Air Corporation
Shell Oil Company Foundation
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Tektronix Foundation
Valero Energy Corporation
The Walt Disney Company Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation

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Thank you for your support of our students, faculty, curriculum, and research. You are the reason we thrive!

Dean Douglas S. Clark

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