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The Dean's Society

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Mindy Rex
Assistant Dean, College Relations and Development

Dean Douglas S. Clark
Dean Douglas S. Clark
College of Chemistry, University of California at Berkeley

The College of Chemistry has created a roster of annual giving clubs that reflect our rich heritage in the chemical sciences. This roster, The Dean's Society of the College of Chemistry, highlights eight of our faculty luminaries.

The Dean's Society of the College of Chemistry is parallel to the campus-wide program established by The University of California, Berkeley Foundation, which recognizes donors' annual giving across campus and is called The Charter Hill Society. 

Annual Giving Clubs in the Dean's Society
Lewis Associates $50,000 and more
Latimer Associates $10,000-$49,000
Giauque Associates $5,000-$9,999
Seaborg Associates $2,500-$4,999
Wilke Associates $1,000-$2,499
Calvin Club $500-$999
Tobias Club $250-$499
Hildebrand Club $100-$249
Honor Roll Up to $99

Cumulative giving of $100,000 or more — lifetime giving to the College of Chemistry — is accorded special recognition by the university.

Cumulative Giving

Builders of Berkeley $1,000,000
$1 million in cumulative giving is recognized by prestigious membership in the Builders of Berkeley, symbolized by inscription of the donor's name on the granite wall facing the grand staircase to Doe Library.
Cumulative Giving Clubs
The California Benefactors $1,000,000
The Blue and Gold Society $500,000
The 1868 Society $100,000

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