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Business Administration & Financial Services

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For general assistance, please contact:

Doris Kaeo
Administrative Assistant
Latimer 420

Suzanne Sutton
Asst. Dean Administration & Finance
(510) 643-2887
Annabelle De la Rosa
Finance Director (510) 643-1543
Angelique Tolliver
Financial Analyst (510) 642-1126
Recharge Rates   410 Latimer
Nils Ohlson
recharge rates/billing info (510) 642-1325
Organic & Physical Storeroom   791 Tan
Sean Griffin
Supervisor (510) 642-5608
Brad Manuel
Storekeeper (510) 642-0177
Shipping/Receiving   B84A Hildebrand
Carl Lamey
Store/Receiving Manager
shipping/receiving info (510) 642-5384
(510) 642-3469
Simiel Harris
Storekeeper (510) 642-5384
(510) 642-3469
Roy Washington
Storekeeper (510) 642-5384
(510) 642-3469
Web Applications   440 Latimer Hall
Catherine Madsen
Application Developer (510) 643-1706

The College now receives support from Campus Shared Services (CSS) in the areas below. Information can be found on the CSS website, as well as on the College of Chemistry website where noted.

CSS website College of Chemistry website
Research Administration Research Administration
Business and Financial Services Purchasing
Human Resources Human Resources
IT Support IT Support