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Chairs and Professorships

Donors to the College of Chemistry and the University have generously established endowed chairs and professorships held by our faculty.

Name of Chair   Established Current Chairholder
The Joel Hildebrand Distinguished Professorship
(to be occupied by the Chair of the Department of Chemistry)
  1981 David E. Wemmer
The Glenn T. Seaborg Chair in Physical Chemistry   1998 Alexander Pines
The Kenneth S. Pitzer Distinguished Professorship in Chemistry   1998 Martin P. Head-Gordon
The Gilbert Newton Lewis Endowed Chair
(to be occupied by the Dean of the College of Chemistry)
  2001 Douglas S. Clark
The Henry Rapoport Chair in Organic Chemistry   2001 John F. Hartwig
The Warren and Katharine Schlinger Distinguished Professorship in Chemical Engineering
(to be occupied by the Chair of the Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering)
  2002 Jeffrey A. Reimer
The Hubbard Howe Jr. Distinguished Professorship in Biochemical Engineering   2002 Jay Keasling
The Professor Gerald K. Branch Distinguished Professorship in Chemistry   2002 Robert G. Bergman
The Aldo DeBenedictis Distinguished Professorship in Chemistry   2002 Phillip Geissler
The Melvin Calvin Distinguished Professorship in Chemical Biodynamics   2003 Graham R. Fleming
The Chevron Chair in Chemistry   2004 Ke Xu
The John R. Thomas Endowed Chair in Physical Chemistry   2004 Stephen R. Leone
The T. Z. and Irmgard Chu Distinguished Professorship in Chemistry   2004 Carolyn R. Bertozzi
The Charles Wilke Endowed Chair in Chemical Engineering   2004 Danielle Tullman-Ercek
The Bruce H. Mahan Chair in Physical Chemistry   2005 David Chandler
The Larry and Diane Bock Endowed Chair in Nanotechnology   2006 vacant
The Charles W. Tobias Chair in Electrochemistry   2006 Nitash Balsara
The Theodore Vermeulen Chair in Chemical Engineering   2006 Enrique Iglesia
The Merck Chair in Biochemical Engineering   2007 vacant
The Cupola Era Endowed Chair in the College of Chemistry   2008 vacant
The James and Neeltje Tretter Endowed Chair in Chemistry   2008 Omar Yaghi
The Dow Chair in Sustainable Chemistry   2008 Alexis T. Bell
The Lieselotte and David Templeton Endowed Chair in Chemistry   2010 Kristie A. Boering
The S. K. and Angela Chan Distinguished Chair in Energy (Multidisciplinary DIstinguished Chair)   2010 Peidong Yang
The Lam Research Distinguished Chair in Semiconductor Processing (Multidisciplinary Distinguished Chair)   2011 David B. Graves
The C. Judson King Endowed Chair in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering   2011 Jeffrey A. Reimer
Raymond and Beverly Sackler Chair in Biophysics   2012 Carlos Bustamante
The Samsung Distinguished Chair in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Research (Multidisciplinary Distinguished Chair)   2013 A. Paul Alivisatos
Li Ka Shing Chancellor’s Chair in Biomedical and Health Sciences   2014 Jennifer A. Doudna

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